Smells Like Team Spirit

Smells Like Team Spirit

From the very beginning, Malbek’s founding team knew they were going against the grain. The world of contract lifecycle management solutions is full of tools with clunky user interfaces, configurations and implementations that are costly, and customers that are generally underwhelmed. It doesn’t need to be this way, and that’s why Malbek is forging a new path.

From products that delight to exceptional people who make everything run smoothly, Malbek stands apart as a company that is both remarkable and refreshing with a unique culture that creates an amazing working environment.

Our Culture


Some of Our Team Members


“empathy first, engage second”

Gary Zuder has been a trusted sales consultant to his clients for more than 20 years, earning multiple sales awards and honors in some of the most well-known companies in technology and Human Capital Management. As a dedicated and genuine sales professional, Gary believes that strong empathy and resolve for his customers have the greatest impact on their success. As VP of Sales, Gary works collaboratively with fellow executives and teammates setting strategy to help Malbek’s customers accomplish their long-term missions – and have fun while doing it!

Gary holds an MBA from Franklin University and a BS in Marketing from The Ohio State University. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and two active daughters, enjoying ballet performances and soccer games. After playing trumpet in college as part of the Ohio State University Marching Band, Gary has since picked up guitar and bass. Whenever he has a chance, you may find Gary with friends on the golf course enjoying some time outdoors.


“nothing great ever came from comfort zones”

Jaime has always been passionate about helping others, both in her work and personal life. She has spent her career partnering with customers to implement and adopt software solutions to support critical business objectives and improve processes, believing in empathy and collaboration for success.

Over the course of her career, Jaime has worked with organizations large and small across many industries. Through those experiences, she has learned how best to navigate and bring more agile processes to the unique complexities of each implementation and what factors influence successful adoption. She has held senior roles in professional services, sales, and product management. Her favorite roles have always been ones in which she is helping to improve solutions and solve problems for both her internal and customer teams.

In her role as VP of Customer Experience for Malbek, Jaime is focused on helping our customers maximize value from our solutions through successful implementations and delivering excellent customer service every day. Outside of work, Jaime enjoys time with her family, gardening, a good hike, yoga, cooking, good wine, volunteering, and travel.


“innovation everywhere – practicing software fitness engineering!”

Mahesh is a visionary and a true leader having a unique combination of skills. His expertise in a vast range of cutting-edge technologies and cloud platforms combined with outstanding people and process management skills makes him a rock star to lead Malbek’s India operations and functions including R&D. Mahesh has over a decade of experience building multiple Contract Lifecycle Management systems, gaining deep domain knowledge in this space. His unconventional approach to overcoming challenges along with a powerful ability to identify and tap hidden potential in his team help Malbek deliver innovative solutions at a lightning pace. With all this passion, he still stays true to delivering on Malbek’s core vision of high quality products with an amazing user experience to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction!

Mahesh practices what he calls Software Fitness Engineering. It’s his focus on high quality in every feature to truly solves a key business problem coupled with a delightful end-user experience, high performance, and scalability.

Mahesh loves soul soothing music, yoga, and meditation, which are integral parts of his daily routine. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with family and reading. He is crazy about a variety of puzzles and in his spare time can often be found deeply involved solving one, mostly speed solving a Rubik’s cube.

GarBecky Holloway

“All those who wander are not lost”

Becky Holloway is the VP of Marketing at Malbek and is the creative voice behind Malbek’s whimsical brand and messaging. She has spent her career working with start-ups in technology, finance, and healthcare, helping to shape and develop them into robust, demand-generating machines that drive revenue growth. She is trained and certified in Pragmatic Institute's methodology, which seeks to focus on market-driven problem solving to shape go-to-market strategy. Outside of marketing, Becky has a serious case of wanderlust and travels as much as she can with her husband. Her large, blended “Brady Bunch” family keeps her very busy, but when time permits she is an avid birding enthusiast, gardener, knitter, and piano player. She is a former board member of the Honors College Alumni Association at Rutgers University-Camden, and, in quiet moments when inspiration strikes, she writes to soothe her soul.

-Malcolm Gladwell

“Look at the world around you. It may seem like an immovable, implacable place. It is not, with the slightest push – in just the right place – it can be tipped”

-Malcolm Gladwell

Dan Sloan has been helping companies successfully evaluate and deploy technology solutions for over 25 years. As a valued business advisor, Dan’s clients and colleagues look to his leadership for navigating challenging opportunities with some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. Dan serves as Senior Account Executive on the Malbek sales team, driving growth for Malbek and adding long-term value to the legal operations community. Dan lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife and two daughters and enjoys hiking, gardening, and cooking for his friends and family. In warm summer months, Dan can often be found at outdoor parks, beaches, and Midwestern racetracks, enjoying sports cars and historical road races.

Anneliese Strout

“What’s your plan b?”

Anneliese Strout is a Principal Business Analyst for Malbek focused on customer experience through implementation and training. With an extensive background in product education, sales support, and project management, she has spent her career in the technology space, helping to increase customer user adoption and satisfaction. After a brief retirement, Anneliese decided to join Malbek for two reasons. She had worked with the founding team before and knew what they were capable of, but, above all, the strength of the product made her a believer and proud to be part of the team. In her free time Anneliese enjoys needlework, outdoor sports, going to concerts, and cultivating her growing butterfly garden. She also loves spending time with her grandchildren and can’t wait to share her enthusiasm for Disney with them!


“unconstrain your mind”

Hemanth Puttaswamy is a technology entrepreneur. As CEO and co-founder at Malbek, his vision is to redefine the quote-to-cash solution aimed for the age of AI. Hemanth is a hands-on leader with a passion for building a great team with an amazing culture that zealously works to make every customer successful. He is responsible for overall corporate strategy and product vision with a keen eye towards building the best man-to-machine solution interface that will delight every user.

Prior to Malbek, Hemanth was the CTO and SVP of Products and Development at Revitas (acquired by ModelN), Saba (acquired by Vector Capital), and VP Of Technology at Coremetrics (acquired by IBM). He holds multiple patents in the area of AI and Big Data Analytics. Hemanth has an MBA from San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Mysore University, India.

Hemanth feels that he gets his best ideas while playing music, and if not at Malbek, he would be a starving musician!

Matt Patel

“courage is grace under pressure”

Matt Patel is considered an all-rounder who can pick up any role and excel at it. Throughout his career he has enjoyed challenging roles focused on customer satisfaction, sales, and marketing, as well as leading product teams. Matt can best be described as a peaceful warrior, building trusted relationships with internal staff, channel partners, and customers as well as creating a highly collaborative and respectful environment where positive results are inevitable. As COO and co-founder at Malbek, Matt is focused on overall operational excellence across the departments, including sales, marketing, services, and support.

Matt enjoys a variety of hobbies outside of work. In the winter he enjoys skiing with family and friends, and in the summer, he enjoys water gardening in his backyard. When you meet Matt, ask him about his Koi pond. His penchant for finding the best food in any city makes him a go-to when traveling. Matt’s top-down approach, whether he is skiing or building solutions, allows him to step back and look at the bigger picture.


“repetition is for robots, automation is for humans”

Madhu is a technology visionary and an expert in applying technology with pragmatic mindset to solve business problems in the cloud. He is big on automation and drives a lot of efficiency in building teams and systems that are nimble, repeatable and scalable. He is hands-on with practical ability and experience to design, build, and run cutting-edge technology. Madhu’s forte is distributed cloud architecture, applied cryptography, and block chains.

As Malbek’s CTO and co-founder, Madhu determines how best to use technology to implement business strategy. He drives product innovation, development, quality assurance, cloud and development ops teams.

Prior to Malbek, Madhu was Head of Engineering at Revitas Inc., and Saba Software Inc., and played a key role in taking Ariba’s solutions from behind the firewall to the cloud.

When he is not working, Madhu enjoys playing badminton, travel, spending time with family and keeping fit. On weekends, he gets away to the beaches or mountains of sunny California for a walk or a hike.

Allison Martyn

“Live Long and Prosper”

Allison Martyn is a Business Analyst who specializes in configuring the software to best meet the needs of the client. Previously, she was a CLM customer for many years in different industries, including aviation and industrial gas. As a former customer, she brings a unique perspective on the business and how real-world enterprises use CLMs to bring structure, consistency, and legal oversight to their contracts. Allison holds a Communications degree from the University of Maryland and is a certified PMP. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and cat, and spends too much time playing video games. When she can tear herself away from a screen, she is an avid reader, crafter, and traveler.


If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.

-Dolly Parton

Brian’s passion is helping people. Among his goals every day is to make someone else’s day better. He is excited to let his optimism shine through his Client Success Manager role with Malbek. Over his career Brian has had the pleasure of working with a number of organizations in a variety of positions, including account manager, solutions manager, product owner, program manager, and global engagement manager. All of this experience has helped him hone his ability to see how everything fits together, which is key in helping to resolve any issues that may come up. 


Outside of work, Brian enjoys board games, spending time with his friends and family, and the occasional escape room.


If you aren't happy with the solution you have, it's not the solution you are looking for.


Alice Alfano is a Marketing Intern at Malbek. She is a recent graduate of Rutgers University with a BA in Marketing and a minor in Human Resources. She was active with the Honors College at Rutgers and spent the last two years as a client liaison for the Small Business Development Center of New Jersey at Rutgers Camden. When she's not writing killer blog posts, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and spending time in nature.

kevin hiking colorado “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo Da Vinci


Kevin Brening has been a SaaS enthusiast for the past 18 years, and believes the business problems of the world can often be solved with a smartly designed cloud-based solution, and some great people to support it!  With a specific passion for mid-market businesses, he has helped hundreds of organizations navigate through multi-month SaaS vendor evaluations in order to find the right fit for their business goals. His philosophy professionally is focusing on people first, bringing value to individuals, teams, and projects, both internally and externally, while always looking to remove roadblocks in order to progress a situation forward. In his career as a sales leader, Kevin has often been the liaison between sales and legal.  In that role he experienced firsthand the pain and frustration from contract management gone bad.  When he came across Malbek’s innovative, disruptive approach to CLM usability, combined with rave reviews from customers, he knew there was something special going on, and decided to join the team as Director of Sales.  Kevin currently lives in Northern California, with his wife and two young sons. When he’s not being a SaaS geek, his happy place is being outdoors listening to a podcast while on a hike, mountain bike, or paddleboard.


"I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”


Saritha is a seasoned engineering leader with a wide range of experience. She enjoys working with cross-functional teams to build products that solve real customer problems. She has experience building products in contract management, mobile device management, workforce management, and e-commerce industries that are serving millions of customers each day. Saritha strongly believes that products that focus on the best customer experience deliver an impactful value proposition and gain a loyal customer base. 


Saritha holds a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Madras, India. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, long road trips, and meeting friends.

Anne Ski Pic

“Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire, and ambition; they’ll help you push for, and realize your own.” 



Anne Moore has been helping customers automate their processes and solve complex business issues for over 20 years.  She is a trusted advisor to her customers and values the relationships built with each one. Anne has a passion for taking complex concepts and presenting them in a clear, concise, and compelling way. With a background in implementation, training, and pre-sales solution consulting, Anne leads the sales support efforts at Malbek as a Senior Solution Consultant. She supports customers during the sales cycle by providing solution demonstrations specifically tailored to each customer’s needs while showing the business value that the Malbek solution provides.


Anne lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two sons.  As a family they enjoy snow skiing each winter and spending time on the lake in the summer. Over the years Anne and her husband have renovated multiple homes and are always looking for their next project. A Louisiana native, Anne is graduate of Louisiana State University and is an avid Tiger fan.

Betel Zewde Outdoor Pic

“Ask yourself if what you're doing today will get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”

Betel Zewde was born and raised in Ethiopia and grew up a very outgoing and active child. Always staying productive, she ventured into a lot of different activities to show her talent. She was a part of the honor roll in early elementary school years, and in high school, she joined a group called Kids First that opened the door for mentoring and helping kids with crafts and school assignments. She was also part of the Art and photography club, which helped artistic young adults come together to work on art projects and explore their love for art.

Betel plans to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. She want to become a Graphic Designer so that she can take her many talents to the next level and take control of her economic future. She wants is to reach toward a higher standard and prove to herself that she has the talent and skills to realize her dreams, while also setting a positive example for those that come after her.   

Some of the Rockstar Malbek Team Members in India

Some of the Rockstar Malbek Team Members in India