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Careers with Malbek

Since you found this page, we’re going to guess you might be looking for a new job or a refreshing change in your career.
We know that working at a startup isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we also happen to think it’s rewarding, challenging, and, for many of us, it’s the best thing that happened in our careers! And we want to share all the reasons why you should consider applying for a job at Malbek.
Our current team is made up of super talented, incredibly driven people who love making a difference every day in their job. We know that for some, work is just a means to an end. But Malbek is for the rest of you, those who are looking for a challenge, excitement, purpose, and fulfillment. And all that without corporate bureaucracy and red tape.
If all of this sounds good to you, attach a copy of your resume and a personal note about what you’re interested in doing. Our hiring plans evolve quickly as we grow and so we may have an open position suited for smart, hardworking people, like you!

High growth potential

The sky is the limit at Malbek. Since we are a startup, the pace of change is rapid. We are nimble and make decisions quickly in order to iterate and grow. We try, test, and pivot – rinse and repeat.

That means you will be growing in your career with us. You’ll be learning hands-on from seasoned industry professionals, which, let’s be honest, is really the best way to learn anything. You will have the opportunity to reach new career heights at an unprecedented pace. You will roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to make our customers successful. You will not be working in silos, and you will be helping out with efforts across our departments even if it is not in your list of direct responsibilities.


Input has impact

We’re not naming names, but we’ve all had the experience of working with large companies where you have meetings about meetings. A lot of planning but no execution. In that environment, it’s hard to get anything done.

At Malbek, it’s totally the opposite. Initiative is welcomed. Collaboration is encouraged. Recommendations are rewarded. The feedback and ideas you have today have a good chance to quickly become reality in our solution or services. Imagine your input having that kind of impact!


Build solutions that solve real problems

Sometimes the work can feel disconnected from the real world. It can seem abstract and unimportant. That’s not the case at Malbek. On the contrary, we are tackling real problems faced every day by organizations of every size.

The truth is that “contracts” are at the heart of just about every organization and that’s what our solution is focused on. And the work we do is to help make contracting easier and more effective.

Every feature we build into the product solves a problem faced by many contract professionals, and you can be a part of that problem-solving engine.



In today’s connected world, you can work just about anywhere, and work-life balance is of the utmost importance. Malbek understands that.

If you are located near one of our offices, then our office culture will make you feel like at home. If you are located remotely from a Malbek office, then work from home has never been more rewarding. What’s better than rolling out of bed in your pajamas and already being at work? Need to feed the dog or let the cable guy in? No problem!

Malbek realizes that in a virtual world, being physically together is not necessary in order to do a killer job at your job. We are all about quality of work and effort. No need to battle traffic or put on a stuffy suit. Just show up and give us your A-game.


All the usual perks of the job

Don’t worry just because we’re a start-up doesn’t mean we don’t have the usual benefits. We provide awesome medical, dental, and vision insurance with national coverage, 401k, FSA, long and short disability, and much more. We’ve got you covered with all the regular perks of the job. And who knows? A bottle of Malbec might just show up at your doorstep when you join on your first day!


No annual performance reviews

We think annual reviews are stupid. There we said it! Why should you wait an entire year to find out what you’re doing right and what needs to improve? For one thing, that means your company is tolerating poor performance 12 months too long, and for another, it means you keep doing the same thing over and over again without knowing you’re doing it wrong.

At Malbek, we believe in consistent, regular feedback on your performance from your peers and supervisors. Plus, we think that if you’re struggling with something, it’s our job to coach you.