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2023 – The Year for Habitual Improvement!


Gary Zuder

January 30, 2023

As company holidays approach, I like to send a note to my sales team about what is significant about that day in history. So as New Year’s Day approached earlier this month, it was a moment to charter a course. The origin of this holiday is interesting - it was Julius Caesar who instituted January 1 as the first day of the year. It was partly to honor the month’s namesake: Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, whose two faces allowed him to look back into the past, and forward into the future.

I found this fascinating – but also conflicting. While I appreciate reflection, my energy is towards progression – so closer to 1/4 contemplating the past and 3/4 towards planning the future might be a better way to sculpt the statue. Although, that would make for one interesting statue!

Taking a peek into the rearview mirror, in 2022, our talented team had incredible successes – many large enterprise organizations and high-growth companies alike are now part of the Malbek fold, and we thank each one of them for their trust and partnership. We focused heavily on Sales Enablement and efficiency in Operations, which will allow us to scale effectively, provide high-value conversations, and ultimately solve for contracting, and enterprise business challenges.

As we roll full steam ahead into 2023, it will be about repeatable processes, quality conversations, and teamwork - themes I’m certain can relate to all sales professionals. Here’s the plan:

Consistency over intensity

This is an idea that I will carry into both personal and professional endeavors this year. So often we get jolted from guardrail to guardrail, or sprint to a target only to realize we are too worn out to continue. I heard a phrase the other day that really resonates: “A yard is hard; an inch is a cinch.” Anyone who has tried to start an exercise program in January by heading to the gym for an hour a day, every day, will understand how this can have the opposite effect of long-term success. We’re going after 2023 with long-term focus, measured actions, and, to use a word from one of my favorite motivational speakers, Angela Duckworth, GRIT. Give her Ted Talk a look on her website,

Empathetic conversations

We understand in the CLM industry that legal professionals are looking for features and functions to help them solve contracting challenges (and yes, we have some pretty awesome innovations 😊), but we are continuing to learn how to understand what is behind the ask. For instance, if we can help with contracting efficiencies, how will the company benefit? What gain is had, pain solved or potential pain mitigated at the organizational level? Legal is more of a strategic business partner today than ever before, and adoption of technology will propel not just their department, but the organization as a whole – we want to stand shoulder to shoulder in a year’s time and measure that success. Each and every person we interact with has a job they value, a career they are advancing, and a company that depends on them. It’s critical we understand the entire picture so we can best serve – not sell. We need to first understand customer goals, then provide a solution that lasts long-term. That’s an old Stephen Covey reference to those keeping track – empathy first! Personal wins for our customers matter.

Strength in numbers

When the quota is determined, we as salespeople and sales leaders need to own that number. But I think for some, ownership implies going it alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. At Malbek, we have a unified goal, so we seek help, ask for advice, and educate ourselves on the areas we need improvement from those that have done it before – and well! We’re expanding our horizons, and looking to peers and other areas (services, legal, support, R&D, finance, and of course marketing) to form a “revenue alliance.” The more people that are aligned to the goal and desire to achieve it creates a synergy that has more power than just the sum of its parts. For my personal goals, what about myself (personality, skillset, mindset) could be holding me back from realizing full potential? Once we understand this, we can go find the right peers, professionals, groups, or other resources to make our greatest weakness a top strength. If you’ve ever given thought to this, and take action, it can be life-changing.

Let’s keep the statue facing forward! It’s time to go get 2023 with consistency, and effective communications with the ones we serve, and form your personal revenue alliance to make this year unlike any other!

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