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4 Ways Malbek Maximizes ROI


Allison Caggia

November 29, 2021

Malbek is today’s most modern, cutting-edge CLM solution. With our platform, we combine the features you need in a way that empowers the enterprise to do more with less. But don’t take our word for it! Here are four metrics from our customers to prove that using Malbek saves an organization valuable time, reduce risk, and accelerate revenue.

1. Accelerate Contract Drafting Velocity

Routinely, our customers say that our self-service approach to contract drafting accelerates their contract drafting process. One customer reported that after implementing Malbek’s CLM, turnaround time for drafting an executable contract went from 2 days, to less than 1 hour.

With Malbek, business users across the enterprise can seamlessly create contracts by accessing the contract templates available to them based on their role and security permissions. With no guesswork or reliance on other teams, all business users are empowered to get the contract ball rolling faster.

2. Improve Visibility & Collaboration

Say goodbye to constant emails and calls into the Legal department for status updates on agreements. Our customers have reported that the number of emails requesting the contract status went from “dozens” to “close to zero” because of the visibility all team members now have into a contract’s lifecycle.

With Malbek, users can easily locate and view a contract’s status from their configurable dashboard using our Amazon and Google-like search and filter capabilities. No more manual tracking or hidden bottlenecks. Now you can rest easy with full transparency into contract progress and activity at each stage. You can even collaborate directly with colleagues by simply tagging them in a question or comment right in the contract.

3. Reduce Negotiation  Roundtrips

Improve your turn-around time to review and negotiate complex deals. No need to reinvent the wheel (or the deal) each time you’re negotiating an agreement. Save time and reduce risk with Malbek’s proprietary AI features that allow users to quickly compare previous contracts for preferred positions, insert pre-approved language, swap clauses, and more

One customer reported that the time to complete complex contract negotiations has been reduced by 30%-40% due to historical context available to the Operations and Legal teams. This was accomplished utilizing historical patterns of negotiation, pre-approved language, and clause swap capabilities provided within Malbek.

4. Free Up Legal's Time

Contract management isn’t a Legal initiative. It’s a business initiative. Shouldn’t your CLM support this idea? Malbek empowers all business users to rely on self-service contracting for more consistency, rigor, and efficiency, freeing up Legal to focus on more strategic, value-added initiatives. With an extensible and configurable platform, Malbek integrates with popular business applications to provide a seamless end-user experience, requiring no involvement from IT or the vendor.

One customer shared that Legal was formerly involved in 70% of the contracts in a quarter, but with Malbek that has been reduced to 30%. Some customers report Legal involvement in contracts is down to 7% per quarter with 93% being done independently. From contract initiation in Salesforce all the way through to e-signature in DocuSign, seamless integrations makes this possible with Malbek.

If all this sounds good to you, jump on the band wagon! Schedule a demo with us today to learn how we can fuel your success!



4 Ways Malbek Maximizes ROI


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