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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Malbek


Hemanth Puttaswamy

January 2, 2019

After such a productive year in 2018, you might think we would want to catch our breath for a minute. But, we have big plans for the year ahead. Here is our very own list of New Year’s resolutions:

#1 Ensure every customer engagement is successful and referenceable

Happy customers are the lifeblood of our company. We don’t start celebrating until each one is onboarded and fully satisfied with their implementation, which means we listen to our customers and give them the level of attention they deserve. We know that organic growth through customer testimonials is our foundation, and we are excited to start sharing some of their stories with you in the months ahead.

#2 Build on the experience that delights every user

The product must keep advancing. Our customers love the features we currently offer, and we know that those features set us apart in an otherwise crowded CLM market. However, there is still more we want to do. Contract management is a complex space, and we are eager to bring the latest technological advancements to our customers to address their everyday contracting problems with the same ease of use. Stay tuned for some exciting product release announcements in the coming year!

#3 Continued focus on AI, buy-side CLM, and sell-side CLM

We know that contract data is a gold mine of actionable insight. When you take that data and apply AI to it, you will bring your contracts to life. Imagine being able to assemble the ideal contract with the most favorable terms and language based on customer segments, regions, and other variables. What if you could make price recommendations for products or services based on historical contracts for a customer in a specific industry or region? The possibilities are endless, and we continue to focus on building these capabilities into our offering. We are also working on making Malbek Contrax a solution that is as seamless to use on the buy-side as it is on the sell-side. Often CLM solutions favor one or the other. At Malbek, we want to do it all, regardless of which side of the contract you sit.

#4 Grow the team 

All that Malbek has accomplished so far has been the result of the hard work of our amazing team. But we know that to sustain our growth, the team must grow as well. In the coming year, we plan to expand and hire additional, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who bring energy, passion, and perseverance to our team. The Malbek culture is a very special one that emphasizes looking at things differently, questioning the status quo, and not taking ourselves too seriously. We deeply value hard work, but we know that it can’t occur without equally promoting self-care and fun. We look forward to introducing you to many new faces in 2019!

#5 Nurture our partner ecosystem

If customers are our lifeblood, then our channel partners are our backbone. No company is an island, and we have been very fortunate to forge strong partner relationships this past year with companies that have helped us with acquiring and supporting our customers. In the year ahead, we know it will be vital for us to continue to grow our partner ecosystem and look for additional ways to spread the word about Malbek and give our customers what they need.

#6 Continue building productized integrations with popular tools

Malbek’s platform is built with an enterprise service bus as part of its core technology. Our value proposition to all our customers is to be able to use simple drag and drop productized integration using our Malbek Konnect™ Marketplace. After completing the integrations with popular CRMs, ERPs and E-Signature vendors in 2018, our 2019 goal is to provide access to a broader portfolio of productized connectors, including (but not limited to) the compliance ecosystem and other adjacent areas of value. 

We wish you a beautiful 2019 and whatever your goals are for the coming year, may it be filled with prosperity and happiness!

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