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Badges to Brag About: Malbek Named Threepeat Winner of G2 Awards


Alice Alfano

September 20, 2021

Each quarter, G2 studies the reviews of hundreds of companies to compile industry-specific reports. In these reports, companies are ranked on everything from user adoption to overall satisfaction, ease of use, and more, and badges are awarded based on the results.

We believe products are only great if they truly help the people and organizations they are designed to support, and it's the real-world feedback from our customers that made these awards possible. We're so grateful to them for sharing their continued success with us, and it's time to celebrate!

Highest user adoption

The "Highest User Adoption" badge isn't handed out to everyone, and that's something to note! It's only awarded to one organization with the highest overall user adoption score in G2's Implementation Index for Contract Management, and in this case, it's Malbek! What's even more impressive is that this isn't the first time we have received this award. In fact, we've been awarded this badge three times in a row (Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021), and that's something to brag about!

At Malbek we are driven by the mission to empower all business users to manage contracts seamlessly. And thanks to our amazing customer success team, we have proven time and time again that we deliver an unparalleled implementation experience that will help organizations increase contract efficiency and free up legal teams' time on contracts. We are thrilled that our dedication to customer satisfaction and support has continued to receive rave reviews. 

g2 highest user adoption badgeClick the badge to view our reviews!


High Performer

The "High Performer" badge is awarded to companies that are assessed in their grid report as having high user satisfaction. This badge indicates that the company has the potential to emerge as a leading solution in the CLM industry. We are also a threepeat winner for this badge as well! We received it because we stand out with our dedication to our customers' success and the results Malbek has produced. 

It's no secret that we stand out in the CLM space, and according to our users, the reasons we stand out are unique! Malbek continues to be more intuitive, friendlier, and easier to use than competing CLM solutions, resulting in faster adoption by end-users across the organization.

g2 high performer badgeClick the badge to view our reviews!

We are honored to be awarded these badges and will continue to offer great customer support and implementation services that lead to meaningful CLM adoption.

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