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Contractually Speaking, You’ll Love Us!


Becky Holloway

July 23, 2018

My decision to join the amazing team at Malbek was an easy one. With a great product, brilliant people, and being a fun place to work, it’s no surprise that we are instantly disrupting the quote-to-cash space. By transforming proposals and contracts into strategic assets, we are enabling our customers to maximize revenue, control costs, and manage risks. With a simple, revolutionary way of approaching Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Malbek is redefining the contracting paradigm. What differentiates Malbek? This blog provides a glance at our software solution, Contrax™, which features a walk-up user interface, offers critical business insights, has industry modules, offers rapid time to value, and is easily configurable.

Walk-up user interface for increased user adoption

With a user experience as simple as an ATM, Contrax™provides streamlined, guided contract management from request to signature to post-contract execution, ensuring contract lifecycle velocity (which accelerates contract profitability), making sure that you never miss a key term or milestone (minimizing risk). With this delightful experience, you can count on end users coming back over and over again.

Powerful insights with artificial intelligence

Malbek provides the most advanced search indexing in the industry with the ability to fluidly classify, categorize, report and dashboard with intelligent search facets that can track contract metadata as well as content. You can visualize and find contracts as easily as finding information on Google or products on Amazon. Leveraging Malbek, AI can help you measure and significantly improve contract processes, as well as contract performance outcomes.

Vertical modules tailored to specific industry requirements

Malbek takes pride in deeply understanding its customers’ business. As the contracting space continues to evolve and transform through digitization, industry knowledge and subject matter expertise represent a critical asset as companies change the way they offer contracting services to the end user. Malbek’s Board of Advisors, with members coming from a variety of industries, are in senior leadership roles that manage large and complex contracting volumes. They provide insight and guidance as Malbek shapes its solution direction, builds unique application features, and shares real-life scenarios in legal and contract management best practices.

Rapid time to value with accelerated implementation

With Malbek's innovative, cloud-based model, Contrax™ is already installed with an initial configuration. As a result, the solution can be implemented in weeks, not months or years! Also, the latest features, innovation, and security will be received in a matter of hours based on Malbek's automatic update pushes – all seamless to the end user. This frees up time to concentrate on business, not CLM software.

Configures to your needs without costly customizations

Contrax™ provides a variety of robust contract management features which are all easily configurable through our simplified user interface. There are no customizations or technical skills required to set up the application, thereby reducing the burden on scarce IT resources or spending money on vendor or consulting resources. Our customers can quickly create, negotiate, review, and approve any type of contract or legal agreement.

The velocity of business is increasing at a remarkable rate with constant change. With this comes opportunity, and risks. Today’s business acumen requires a new approach to manage relationships that drive commerce. Contracts serve as the inner core of those relationships. We would love to share how Malbek is shaping the direction of the quote-to-cash space. If you would like to learn more, please click here to request a demo.

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