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Empowering Bob and his business stakeholders with contract management


Becky Holloway

November 8, 2018

Managing contracts effectively at an enterprise level can be a daunting task. According to Aberdeen, 85% of organizations use manual processes to manage sales contracts. As commerce activities increase in scale and importance, problems magnify and can become painful company-wide. If not managed properly, organizations may lose a significant amount of revenue in lost sales, missed upsell opportunities, and missed renewals, along with the risk of missed obligations and other compliance situations resulting in legal issues, fines, and other penalties. These problems, however, can be addressed by empowering relevant business stakeholders with best practices and technology. Malbek can help on both fronts!

Malbek provides the right Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) strategy and best practices guidance based on an organization’s current contracting maturity level.  As this space continues to evolve, organizations are seeking updated best practices and methodologies to leverage their contracts as strategic assets. As they look to improve their contracting services to customers, partners, etc., many are turning to Malbek (whose founders and board of advisors have decades of experience helping companies in the CLM space) for this highly sought-after subject matter expertise. As a trusted advisor, Malbek helps organizations understand their business drivers, define their contracting requirements, and measure their effectiveness at managing contracts.

Deep experience in the contracting industry has enabled Malbek to apply the right technology for each individual customer and for each customer’s specific user personas, such as the sales, finance, legal, and operations teams. And it all starts with a revolutionary, configurable user interface that simplifies contract creation, negotiation, approvals, execution, search and renewals allowing organizations to execute more contracts faster and track them more efficiently. With a similar user experience to finding information on Google or products on Amazon, customers enjoy increased user adoption from all parts of the organization:

  • “Now I can move contracts from creation to signature faster than ever before.” - Contract Manager
  • “I sleep better at night knowing I don’t have to worry about rogue contracting thanks to pre-approved clauses and terms.” - General Counsel
  • “Deals no longer get stuck waiting for approvals and our sales team has a lot more insight.” - Sales Director
  • “Contract profitability is no longer just a dream. It’s a reality.” - VP of Finance

Empowering relevant business stakeholders with effective contract lifecycle management will help your organization maximize revenue, control costs, and manage risk, because after all, everybody is on the same team, working toward the same goals!

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