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Here's to Another Year Of Events!


Amaya Farmer

January 10, 2023

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe the year went by so fast!

It was our first full year of in-person events since 2020, and we’ve accomplished more than I could ever imagine. From webinars to in-person meetings, intimate dinners to big trade shows: we have truly done it all this year. Actually, if you want the full tally of 2022, here's our scorecard:

  • Hosted and attended over two dozen virtual events
  • Attended fifteen in-person events and conference
  • Hosted twelve Malbek product tours, which we are continuing monthly in 2023.

But don't get caught up with the big picture. Each event taught us something valuable that we need to bring into 2023.

We started the year off with Malbek's first Rev Launch in Las Vegas. This was done to make sure Marketing and Sales were all on the same page and ready to crush our goals for the year. And to make sure that happened, we gathered again in Salt Lake City in June for a Marketing-Sales alignment training and team-building event. 

Putting those two events together was a true test for preparing for our major event in Q4: Envision! Envision is Malbek's yearly user conference where our customers are invited to join us for 2 days of all things Malbek. Although we had it virtually this year, it was a blast and so informative. We heard so many good things throughout Envision. Our sessions covered a wide variety of topics such as ways to be successful in uncertain times, how to get the most out of the Malbek system, and a customer-led panel all about how to expand Malbek usage and how they use our solution to solve problems they never thought they'd have answers to.

Of course, we had in-between events like LegalWeek where we showcased our new booth design and CLOC Global Institute where we were a Diamond sponsor and hosted an after-hours wine tasting in the Bellagio Presidential Suite. We collaborated with organizations like WCC and Legal Operators for webinars and events, as well as held some of our own. We also launched a live Q&A series: Coffee with Colin Levy (I suggest registering for the upcoming session on January 19th to hear Colin’s views on tech reflections and resolutions).

Throughout all our events of 2022, I have to say they all hold a special place in my heart since it was an amazing experience working with these organizations. Each event was so different and required different magnitudes and I know for certain all the pushing through and getting things done with my team was a true testament to why I’m here.

There’s no telling how 2023 will go with so many uncertainties in the world. But one thing is for certain, we are ready to take on 2023 no matter what! 

If you want to know what events we have in store, check out our events page. We’ve got Q1 events planned and we’re ready to see you again!

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