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How Contract Clicks Are Like RV Travel


Anneliese Strout

March 1, 2021

When you live in an RV half of the year, like I do (check out my last blog post for some context), conserving resources is more than an environmental choice. I try to organize everything I do based on how much it will save me in time, aggravation, and cost. That means I'm always looking for the fewest steps and miles to drive, the least amount of water, propane, power, gas to consume. I mean, I only do my dishes once a day. It's not because I hate doing the dishes (which I admit is true, but not my point), but because it saves water, work, and future problems from arising.

While doing my once-a-day dish washing routine, it hit me. The way I think about conserving my resources while on the road is just like how we try to conserve clicks for Malbek customers, leading to a simpler and more positive user experience. The number of clicks it takes to do something doesn't sound like it should be a big deal, but when it comes to user experience it's huge. The number of clicks can add up when you perform an action every day, like requesting an edit. Not only is it annoying to have to go through three pages to get what you need, it slows you down and can cost you big time.

Ridiculous click counts can also keep users from adopting the platform, instead of opting for workarounds outside the system. Needing to perform seventeen clicks to create a contract will make the CLM solution feel cumbersome and could serve as an obstacle that will keep a user from adopting it in their everyday work routine. 

That's why at Malbek we really do count clicks.

In true Malbek fashion, we have "click contests" where whoever reduces the number of clicks the most for a process wins. Some of the processes are ones we identify, but some are customer-sourced! In a recent webinar, one of our clients explained how he noticed that he had to manually refresh a page because there wasn't an automatic refresh between two process flows. He made a note that this was cumbersome. Within two weeks of his observation, we implemented an automatic refresh between those processes. If it's cumbersome to you, it's a problem that needs a solution, and we will find it. Your convenience and ease of use within the Malbek solution are of paramount importance to us.

Unlike other solutions that take far too many clicks and page refreshes to create a contract, Malbek is optimized so you can get a new contract out to signature in fewer than five clicks! Yes, you read that right. It is possible, maybe even life-changing.

So, to answer the riddle, contract clicks are like RV travel because:

💧 Using less is more

💧 Conservation prevents problems

💧 Even the smallest things can make your experience more enjoyable

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