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How to Stay Connected with Your Contracts Just Like Social Media


Matt Patel

March 30, 2020

In our ongoing "how to" series  this week we turn our attention to the topic of how to stay aware of all your contract activity. Staying informed of where your contract is in its lifecycle and what changes are being made is no easy task, and the more contracts you are responsible for, the harder it gets. This blog series examines the important features needed to achieve efficient and effective contract management. If you're not quite there yet and want to get ideas for improving, let Malbek help you navigate these waters.

Remember years ago before the age of social media when you had to call your friends and family periodically to find out what they were doing? How else would you hear about their latest adventures? Back then there was really no other way to keep up. If you didn't call, you missed out. Today those calls are far less necessary because most of us simply visit social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where we see a stream of activity to find out what everyone is up to.

Think of the same when it comes to your current contracts in progress. At any given time, your contract administrators and legal ops teams are handling multiple agreements in various stages of authoring. What if each team member had to manually click on each contract record every day to find out if there was any activity on them? That would be a very cumbersome process and there would be a good chance that you would miss an update if you didn’t check each day.

In the age of social media, Malbek brings you the same user experience you enjoy with social media, but designed for contracting. Our intelligent Activity Stream shows you the most recent actions happening across your contracts, making it easy to track so that you don’t have to worry about checking each one individually. This might sound basic, but if you have to manually check several contracts each day, the number of clicks and the time spent adds up pretty fast. Try not using social media for a few days and you will soon realize how "out of the loop" you will quickly feel with your friends and family.

Malbek is committed to taking the latest in online user experience standards and innovation and bringing that same functionality to the contract management world. That’s contract management reimagined!

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