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HubSpot Integration Inbound!


Amaya Farmer

September 2, 2022

Next week we are excited to be attending HubSpot Inbound: an annual event that unites thought leaders across Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Revenue Operations. Wait, so why are we there then if it has nothing to do with legal!?

Sales and RevOps use contracts to fuel revenue and get their deals signed, sealed, and delivered. However, every minute Sales spends struggling to close a deal is another minute taken away from selling. For some organizations, that can translate to hundreds of hours lost that could have been dedicated to more selling. It’s a lost revenue opportunity.

To keep things running smoothly (and to minimize friction between Sales and Legal), a CLM solution that can share information seamlessly with your CRM is a must. That’s where our HubSpot integration comes in!

Malbek’s seamless HubSpot integration makes contract management a frictionless experience for Sales teams—from quote right through to signature. The integrity of account data is fully protected as it flows from HubSpot into a new contract draft, and the experience of reviewing, negotiating, and executing a deal is so streamlined that your Sales team will only wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

So what are the benefits of Malbek’s HubSpot integration? Here are three important ones:


With this integration, you can prepare a draft agreement in mere seconds. Additionally, you can initiate contracts from approved opportunities or quotes right in HubSpot, so you don’t have to go back and forth between two systems. You can also avoid bottlenecks by using pre-approved templates and terms, so you can send the draft to customers instantly without having to wait for Legal teams to create it.

2. Increased contract Visibility

You can see contract activity directly within HubSpot so you can see its status at the click of a button. This means you have visibility into where a contract is without bothering Legal for the contract's status. You can also monitor its audit history on contract changes and approvals through its lifecycle so there are no surprises later on.

3. Reduced Negotiation cycles

Malbek’s HubSpot integration gives you self-service access to deal flow, which allows things to go more smoothly. You can switch between approved clause alternates directly within HubSpot reducing back and forth with Legal. You can even send the deal out for redline review or signature without even switching a tab. Now that’s smooth!

If you are attending Inbound 2022, make sure to stop by our booth #49 to say hello to us!

If you want to learn more about our HubSpot integration, or just our system in general, request a demo today!

See you at Inbound :) 

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