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Malbek: The Dark Horse of 2018 Year in Review


Matt Patel

December 17, 2018

What a year it’s been for Malbek! From a relative unknown when the year began to the undisputed dark horse of 2018, Malbek has continued to be an agent for change in the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) space.

The dark horse of 2018

Thanks to a robust seed round, which provided the necessary funding to continue to innovate the product, Malbek made its soft launch in the spring of 2018. Following its founders’ vision, which has been repeatedly validated by the market this year, Malbek represents a new type of CLM solution, one which prioritizes user experience, do-it-yourself configurability, and rich contract insights through AI. Sure, Malbek Contrax™ has all the usual bells and whistles that every CLM solution includes, but we are so much more. And THAT is what has the industry buzzing. With the help of our newly launched board of advisors, which is an incredible resource contributing market insight and thought leadership along with strong networking connections, Malbek’s future is very bright.

Could have fooled us

We’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve been told by industry leaders and prospects how mature our marketing presence is, despite being a relatively new player in the CLM space. Our marketing engine is in full gear with content that has received significant attention and rave reviews. From our website and social media presence to videos and blogs, we’ve had a great time being creative, funky, and whimsical. And, trust us, there’s lots more fun coming in 2019!

An enterprise CLM solution with a consumer-grade DIY user experience at the forefront

At its core, Malbek has proven that a multi-tenant cloud solution technology with fully configurable functionality is actually possible in the CLM world. The need for customization is a thing of the past. You can have a Google or Apple-like experience with performance, scalability, seamless updates, and ease of maintenance baked right into the product.

Partners in the contract ecosystem

This year we’ve established a strong relationship with IACCM. We participated in their Capgemini CLM study and received very high rankings, especially considering we were a brand new solution. We also participated in a webinar with IACCM, featuring one of the members of our advisory board and our COO, and had the opportunity to speak about the evolution of cloud technology in the CLM space. Our attendance at the annual IACCM conference and participation in their “Shark Tank” competition put a face to our name for industry leaders who have heard of Malbek but had not yet met us.

In addition to IACCM, we also entered into multiple channel partnerships with other like-minded organizations to help sell, implement, and support customers of any scale. Being well-connected within the CLM community is critical to our ongoing success.

Nurturing our unique team culture

The team grew by leaps and bounds in 2018 with top-notch talent in every department, including R&D, Implementation Services & Customer Experience, Sales, Marketing, and Operations. Not only is each area process-oriented and innovative, but all of us are committed to the unique culture of Malbek, one that rejects silos and egos, and embraces rolling up our sleeves to get the job done. As we like to say, “Monday should always have the happy feel of a Friday!”

The customer is always right

One of the surest measures of success for us has been adding new logos to the customer roster. 2018 did not disappoint! Even better, those customers referred others who ended up signing with us as well. There is no greater compliment than word-of-mouth business. And for conducting our own business, we drink our own wine (so to speak), using Malbek Contrax™ to manage our customer contracts, NDAs, partnership agreements, and more.

Thank you

2018 has been full of success, thanks to everyone's support in our journey, but we are even more excited about what the coming year holds. Stay tuned for another post right after the holidays, where we will share a sneak peek of what great things are coming from Malbek in 2019! We hope your year has been as happy and productive as 2018 has been for Malbek! Happy holidays to all of you, and we wish you peace and prosperity in the new year.

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