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Malbek Summer Goals


Hemanth Puttaswamy

August 17, 2020

I have to thank the Malbek team as they amaze me with the difference that they make every day. Collectively, their well-being and happiness that they bring to our culture is what sets our company apart. We all work hard but we also make a point to maintain balance.

Even though this summer has been defined by COVID-19, I wanted to ensure that my team stays on their A-game. So, I've encouraged them to make these three areas goals for their summer experience:

Carving out some "me" time

Blocking out time for a work out, meditation, naps, a good book, or whatever is most relaxing is so important for mental health. I've encouraged the team to take breaks for self care. I like to take 30 minutes to an hour to do yoga every day to relieve stress and stay active. It's so easy for someone working from home to forget to take breaks, eat meals, and generally look after themselves. And taking some "me time" doesn't mean that you have to spend it alone. One thing that we do as a company to relieve stress is Friday night karaoke. Half of the Malbek team joins in and we always have a blast, an important reminder that having a bit of fun is good for you. 

Spending time with family

It's so easy to sit down at a computer and work without stopping, and I swear sometimes I think my team never sleeps. But while we are all at home, our precious families are at home too. Even though the kids might make cameos in your meetings and drive you crazy, at the end of the day those are moments we will cherish. I urge my team to take time to have family dinners or stay active together. Personally, I like to take half an hour late in the evening for a walk with my family. Ending the day 30 minutes early in the afternoons to spend time with those we love most is such a good way to decompress. And in an era where days can blend together, those moments give meaning and break up the monotony of a COVID-19 summer.  

Taking some time off

I know it’s difficult to travel and take a summer vacation with so many travel restrictions in place because of COVID-19, but I urge my team to see what works for them and their families. My family and I are planning to do some day trips to nearby locations to relax. Whether it's going to the beach or taking a hike or even just a staycation, I want my team to take off the time they need. Even a few days off is a great way to relax, refresh, and stay sane in these crazy times. 


Some companies are happy to see their teams work themselves to the bone. Malbek is not one of those companies. I want to ensure that we focus on the holistic vision of success, which means that our people have to be happy in order to reach our longer and stronger goals. I know doing these three things can be hard. I've had to discipline myself to do the first two and create a routine, but my team and I know that taking some time to yourself, spending it with family, or taking a few days of rest are just as important to quality work as passion and focus.


I know many companies are trying creative ways to ensure employee happiness in these testing times, and I would love to hear other ideas.

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