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The Contract Management Naughty and Nice List


Becky Holloway

December 20, 2019

You know us by now. We love to get a little goofy while we work. Contract management may not be the world's most exciting topic, but we feel pretty passionate about it and like to keep things interesting. This year, as we put together our holiday greeting, we reimagined Santa's naughty and nice list with a contract management twist.

If Santa were to write a naughty and nice list for contract management, what would that look like? Well, we were pretty sure what would fall on the naughty side. Missing contracts for sure! Delays? Redlines? Bottlenecks? Check, check, and check! What about the dreaded missed renewal? Oh you know that made the list too. We could keep going for quite awhile!

And the nice list? Well, we think automation is pretty awesome. Same for integrations and reminders (so you don't miss those renewals). Searchability is definitely on the nice list. And so are quick approvals. Aren't they the best? We know you have other favorites to add to the nice list.

And what about all of you? Did you make the naughty or nice list? Well, you definitely made our nice list! We are so grateful for all the things we have accomplished and learned together int he past 12 months — new team members, new product development, new customers, and new partners. What a year 2019 has been! From all of us at Malbek, we want to send you our warmest holiday greetings and most heartfelt wishes for a happy and healthy 2020. (And may all your contracts be reimagined in the new year!) Best wishes, the Malbek team 


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