By Colin Levy Published on: July 25, 2023

In recent years, businesses have been facing a significant challenge in managing their outside counsel spend. Legal costs have been on the rise, and understanding the underlying reasons behind this...

By Colin Levy Published on: April 12, 2023

The language we use in contracts is carefully chosen to ensure that the terms are precise, unambiguous, and clear to all parties involved. With the advent of generative AI, tools like ChatGPT have...

By Alice Alfano Published on: March 14, 2023

We had an amazing time at the first-ever CLM Simplified Academy in NYC. This day-long event explored every aspect of contract lifecycle management and how Legal professionals should approach it. Lucy...

By Alice Alfano Published on: July 18, 2022

He’s your favorite legal tech guide, our very own Director of Legal at Malbek, and everyone's favorite legal tech enthusiast.

Yes, you guessed it! We are talking about Colin Levy. These days, it's...

By Anna Lozynski Published on: March 1, 2022

We generate insights and integrate data into our everyday lives both knowingly and unwittingly. From DNA tests, targeted ads, programmatic media buying, wearable devices (think FITBITs, tech togs,...

By Alice Alfano Published on: February 7, 2022

A contract lifecycle management solution is something that both Procurement and Legal teams need. However, there is often some disconnect between the two business functions. Knowing what features and...

By Colin Levy Published on: November 18, 2021

Meet Colin, one of our newest additions to the Malbek team! You may know Colin from his heavy social media presence, or his countless speaking affairs.  Actually, he was even a Contract Lens podcast...

By Taeler Gannuscia Published on: September 9, 2021

Last week we were lucky enough to be joined by Ronak Ray, General Counsel of Pantheon, and Judist Crews, Director of Business Systems at Revalize, to settle an ongoing debate—can legal and business...


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