By Colin Levy Published on: July 25, 2023

In recent years, businesses have been facing a significant challenge in managing their outside counsel spend. Legal costs have been on the rise, and understanding the underlying reasons behind this...

By Matt Patel Published on: February 10, 2023

This year has started off with an amazing in-person Legal Ops event with Consero's Corporate Legal Operations Forum that took place in Pasadena, California. I can confidently say that the legal ops...

By Taeler Gannuscia Published on: May 18, 2022

As the old saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, unless you’re talking about the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) Global Institute 2022, that is. The connections made,...

By Colin Levy Published on: May 3, 2022

The legal profession has historically seen itself as unique and exempt from the constraints and concerns that have dominated the business sphere. With the rise of technology and its role increasing...

By Alice Alfano Published on: November 1, 2021

Lets rumble! For Envision 2021, we brought together five contract experts to tackle the biggest questions in contract management. The debate was intense, flags were thrown, and words did fly! All...

By Becky Holloway Published on: July 20, 2020

Recently, two of our customers, Square and SurveyMonkey, joined us for a webinar hosted by Legal Operators and we tackled the topic of the CLM hangover.

By Becky Holloway Published on: April 6, 2020

Superheroes are everywhere these days. Hollywood has turned comic book dynasties into movie-making gold that dominate at both the box office and the award circuit.


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