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The View for 2022


Matt Patel

January 3, 2022

To my pleasant and welcomed surprise, 2021 was an incredible year for Malbek after the intense pandemic year of 2020. A lot of things changed; however, many things remained the same. Masks have become a normal accessory like sunglasses. Sanitizer is used as much as moisturizer. Working from home continues to be the new norm. I have been to more happy hours on Zoom instead of actual bars. I spent more money on furnishing my home vs. buy any new clothing.

Most importantly, the Malbek team stayed healthy, made it through the year with incredible growth, managed a lot of change and reached new milestones. With Series A funding, fast-growing legal-tech market, and race for talent, Malbek is aiming for a stellar 2022 with a laser focus on our objectives:

Culture and Diversity

When we were a small team in our early days as a startup, it was easy to maintain our unique company culture. However, as we grow and expect to significantly increase our team size, maintaining the Malbek culture across a large team and continued focus on our diversity, and results, will be extremely important for us.

Hiring, Developing, and Retaining Talent

We always knew that people are our greatest assets. But as 2021 taught everyone in every industry, finding and retaining talent is not easy and extremely challenging in current market conditions. At Malbek, we are fortunate to have nearly a 100% retention, rate and we continue to attract the most incredible talent in every role. Creating a workplace that encourages learning, innovation, mutual respect for our colleagues, and willingness to go any distance for delivering value to our customers is going to be a continued objective in the coming year.

Scale across Market Segments

Create a leading CLM solution, check! Having the best customers and well-recognized brands, check! Ability to expand Malbek usage across legal, sales, procurement, finance, and the entire enterprise, check! So, what’s next? Go deeper and wider across various market segments and help unique industries with their contracting challenges.

Product Innovations

Malbek has a few surprises in store for 2022. Our innovation will never stop. Our productized Konnect™ integrations with critical business systems and solutions will continue to expand. Our LifecycleAI™ across the CLM platform will reach into deeper use cases throughout the life of the contract. Stay tuned as we announce updates throughout the year.

We wish you all a happy new year and best wishes for 2022!

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