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The Twelve Gifts Of Malbek


Alice Alfano

December 19, 2022

Happy Holidays! I think the classic Christmas carol “Twelve Days of Christmas” is bogus. My true love has never given me twelve days of gifts. However, one thing that HAS given twelve gifts is the amazing Malbek community.

Here are the twelve gifts that our community has given to us this year:

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One new product

 Yes, we officially launched Malbek Klix, the one-click wonder for online agreements, this October. We couldn’t have done it without feedback and testing from our amazing community.

Two community-based reports

 We dove deep into the CLM space with two major survey-based reports. In the first half of the year we released with WorldCC "Crossing the AI Chasm: The Barriers and Benefits of AI", where we got the first-ever look at how AI is impacting contracting and contracting professionals.  Then, we released our joint Aberdeen study on "How Best-In-Class Companies Get
Value From CLM" to get the pulse on what works and what doesn't within the industry.

Three co-founders

Without strong leadership, a company can go nowhere! Thanks for making sure we have vision, passion, and direction!

Four charities supported

We raised over $7,000 USD for three different charities this year: Girls Who Code, Toys For Tots, FeedingAmerica, and Back2School America. Here’s to giving back!

Five major in-person conferences.

 It was great to get back in person this year: Hubspot Inbound, CLOC Global Institute, LegalWeek, WCC Americas Summit, and Consero Legal Ops Forum. We learned so much and got to know our community at these conferences. Can’t wait to do it again!

A46F974C-1D48-40AF-8770-6F68D3303337LegalWeek final booth

Six different g2 badges

The G2 badge list just keeps growing! We are so proud of the continued success and satisfaction our customers have, and we are even more proud that it shows!

Seven Large Implementations in record time

Of the many, many new companies we onboarded this year, many of them were Fortune 500 or higher! And seven of those new large customers implemented in four months or less. What a record! Thank you for your amazing support and partnership (and preparation for implementation).

Eight awards won

When we say we are award-winning, we mean it! This year we added eight new awards and accolades to our belt, including WCC's battle of the tech, three new G2 badges, and being named value leaders from Spend Matters (three times!). 

Nine new varieties of Malbec wine explored

 Of course, we have to drink our own wine. While together, our people tried nine new varieties of Malbek that they would highly recommend. Of course, you can contact us for that list or come out with us sometime to get the scoop 🍷

Ten preferred partners

 Without our partners, we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you for working with us and supporting our vision of customer ease, happiness, and success! 

Eleven Malbarks celebrated

We love our pets and we celebrate them at every chance we get. They help our mental health, love our people, and are great helpers during our meetings. This year, for national dog day, we gifted all our Malbarks special Malbek swag... and maybe even some Meowbeks too :P Can you find the imposter in this montage? 

Twelve glasses of wine toasted to our amazing community

Without you, we would be nothing. Thank you to all our partners, customers, users, employees, and supporters. Cheers!

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