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When Company Culture Isn’t Cliché: My New Home


Lindsay Ritenbaugh

November 7, 2022

Hi, I’m Lindsay, and my road to Malbek has been an interesting one. I went from a job that expected me to work on my vacations to one that values my time and well-being as much as I do. To tell my story, I need a lot more than one blog! So, here is part three of my series, “When company culture isn’t cliché.“

Make sure to read part one, Finding Malbek, and part two, Settling In, if you haven't already!


My Dream Job

Since joining Malbek in September 2021, I have grown an immense amount of authentic appreciation for the company and each of its employees. The way they continue to show up for each other and our customers is unparalleled, and I am honored to be part of such a dynamic team. We are each recognized regularly for the unique talents and perspectives we bring to the table, whether verbally on a call, publicly at group events, and/or remotely through our shared workspace chats.

I am still working in a “helping” profession, but in a new and equally rewarding way. This customer support role still provides opportunities for me to practice crisis management, education, empathy, and problem-solving daily. I am expected to work hard and often there are days when there are many working pieces for our team to tackle. Where Malbek has proven different from other places I have previously worked is simple: I work hard for the hours I am on the clock but am not required or expected to do so outside of my scheduled hours. This has allowed me to flourish in my personal life as I strive to be a whole person. The work-life balance alluded to in the job description is real. I have full trust in my team and can step away when my day is done without fear that something will fall through the cracks.

The continued practices of assuming best intent along with opportunities for growth within the company are not things I had experienced in a professional setting before joining Malbek. It has continued to surprise me—in the best way. A company culture like Malbek’s is paramount to the success of an organization and is an authentic experience I hope to continue for many years to come.

Another bonus? I have actual hobbies now. If May 2021 Lindsay could see me now, she would be so incredibly proud of the boundaries set between my personal and professional personas.


We really are a family

I realize how perfectly this next anecdote conveys the exceedingly positive experience I have had working for Malbek over the last year, but I promise this blog post was already in the works before this very real scenario occurred.

The same week I decided to write about my journey to Malbek for this series, I tested positive for the latest variant of COVID-19. I had prided myself on somehow avoiding it for more than two years. Upon learning this news, I let my supervisor Brian know and he immediately told me to log off, rest, and begin my recovery. My case began mildly, and I assumed I would just take the rest of the weekend to get back to full strength. There is unlimited PTO at Malbek, and we are actively encouraged to take it regularly in addition to complimentary wellness days—added benefits to an already outstanding means of employee engagement. Still, I was determined to not let this unexpected illness take me away from the job I loved or the team I enjoyed working alongside daily. This was especially hard for me since I had planned an extended trip to Europe later in the month.

I wrongfully assumed I was becoming a burden to my team by being out ahead of my scheduled vacation. Conditioned by my previous job’s disdain for ANY time off, I worried I would be deemed someone who was not pulling their own weight and that I would be letting them down by my continued absences.

Come Monday, my symptoms had increased exponentially. Brian continued to immediately approve my daily requests to continue sick leave until I was fully ready to return to the office the following week. In fact, he encouraged it! To those who work in a place as kind as Malbek, this is likely not as much as a shock as it was to me. Managers and coworkers genuinely caring for their employees? Groundbreaking!


My Forever Home

It reaffirmed my faith in the company (and honestly, humanity) to learn that the team just wanted me to feel better. It did not matter that I already had planned PTO for the following week. Their top priority was my health and recovery.

We really are a family, and the idea of company culture at Malbek is not just a novelty. And for those searching, know that you really can find a place of work where you are truly happy. It can be a job where you make a tangible impact in your field without giving up your entire identity, physical, or mental well-being. I am living proof.

If you are interested in working for Malbek, please check out our careers page. If you want to get to know us more, check out our LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts!

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