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Malbek Partner Directory

From services partners to consultants and industry experts, our esteemed partnerships are integral to helping our customers meet and exceed their contract management goals. Turning vision into reality, these industry experts help elevate the people, processes, and technology behind CLM.

The power of partnership:

"When our clients select Malbek, we breathe a sigh of relief. While we work with a lot of great CLM providers, we know that our clients will, without exception, have a positive experience with the Malbek team. Their technology is excellent, their roadmap is solid, but the expertise of their management, implementation, and customer success teams is top-notch. It’s a pleasure to partner with them."

Stephanie Corey

Co-Founder and CEO, UpLevelOps

Samir Bhatia

CEO at Brightleaf

“It is always a pleasure to partner with Malbek on projects!  Their team is very responsive and provides excellent feedback and guidance to our clients for legacy contract data extraction and migration.  

Love the Malbek CLM and all the people behind the software and the company!”

Artboard 1-Jun-23-2023-03-27-10-1444-PM

InnoLaw Group

“Having partnered with Malbek on multiple projects, we have always found the Malbek team to be pro-active, supportive, practical and solution driven, making implementing Malbek for our clients a smooth process”.


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