Unpacking the Handbook of Legal Tech

December 7 | 1pm ET | Zoom

Join the authors from the recently published Handbook of Legal Tech for this webinar as they unpack and bring to life key concepts of the book.

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Why attend?

  • Tech Education Divide: Uncover the intersection of LegalTech and Legal Ops, discovering how technological advancements are reshaping and enhancing operational efficiency. The panel will discuss a lack of education in Legal Ops and explore strategies to bridge the knowledge divide.
  • Legal Ops Landscape: Tom will take the stage to offer a comprehensive overview of Legal Ops, outlining its key components and role in modern legal landscapes.
  • Workflow Automation: Daniel will discuss the power of workflow automation in streamlining processes and productivity.
  • CLM Insights: Colin and Matt will dive into Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), providing essential and practical insights into its pivotal role and impact on legal workflows.
  • Legal Bridge: Walk away effective strategies to ensure legal is the bridge between departments to facilitate effective communication, implementation of the right tools at the right times, and data-driven decision making.
  • BONUS: As a special treat, we're giving away 2 exclusive copies of the acclaimed Handbook of Legal Tech signed by Colin S. Levy.