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How Much Does a Contract Management Solution Cost?

The Malbek platform meets the needs of organizations of all sizes and is highly scalable.

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Understanding how much a contract management system will cost depends on a few factors including:

- Company Size

- Requirements

- Integrations






License Fee

  • We offer a flexible licensing model based on number and types of users
  • Contracts connect to many areas, including Sales, Finance, Legal, Procurement, IT and others
  • Start identifying who needs access and what type of role they will play with contracts

Integrations to Other Business Applications

  • Connecting contracts to other business apps lets you get more from your investment
  • Consider your business apps, such as Salesforce or Slack, that touch your contracts
  • We provide no-code integration connectivity that improves productivity and data sharing



Implementation Services

  • We have full implementation services as well as enablement services to empower your business admins for self-service
  • Total cost of ownership is much less with our affordable services
  • Dont worry, we've got you covered. We are here if you need us.