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Managing complex supply agreements presents many challenges. It can be hard to determine the best price structure, product bundles, or contract terms. And it can be even harder to figure out the long-term profitability of multi-year deals. Malbek’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software takes the guesswork out of this complex puzzle. With real-time agreement tracking and robust reports, you can determine the financial impact of an agreement during its lifetime.

Malbek’s CPQ software solution manages product supply agreements through the use of innovative technology. As a result, you are able to maximize ongoing profitability and compliance with the agreement’s terms and conditions over the lifecycle of the agreement. Malbek also enables you to track actual profitability against planned profitability. Consequently, you can run scenarios and adjust pricing and product and service bundles to maximize commercial benefit. And for those agreements already in place, Malbek makes it simple to make sure contract terms are followed.

Pre-Deal Analytics with CPQ Software

  • Know the impact of quoted terms on downstream profits
  • Real-time analysis of financial outcomes over the long haul
  • Determine deal profitability by analyzing pricing options

Products and Services Blending

  • Explore bundling options that include different products and services
  • Analyze margin contribution and financial profitability
  • Gain clear visibility into the impact of quoted terms

Profitability Analysis

  • Model what-if scenarios to see possible contract outcomes
  • Identify the most profitable offer based on different models
  • Make it easier to win deals with creative offer options

Permissions and Planning

  • Set appropriate permissions levels based on role and department
  • Build decision trees and conditional workflows for more efficiency
  • Simple, intuitive interface that looks like a consumer application

Progress from Quote to Contract

  • Make the quote to contract process more efficient
  • Reduce human error by getting rid of manual re-keying
  • Convert from a quote to a contract in a single click