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Look no further! We’ve pulled together a variety of resources designed to help you be effective with your contract management system. Our eBooks and webinars provide educational content from thought leaders and industry experts. Let their insights guide you in your contract management journey.


Malbek Streamlines TIBCO's Contract Creation for Sales Acceleration

TIBCO Software selected Malbek to streamline their contract creation for sales. TIBCO's previous contract management system was inflexible and making changes was costly. With Malbek, contract configuration is simple and flexible, empowering sales to create custom contracts without the need for legal assistance. Thanks to Malbek, now 70% of TIBCO's contracts don't need to run through legal, helping the business speed time to revenue.

Contract Management with Seamless Salesforce Integration

ExecOnline's Associate Director of Contract Management, Struan Erlenborn, wanted a Salesforce-oriented CLM solution that was easy for his Sales team to use. Malbek proved to be the perfect partner. Malbek's platform allowed the ExecOnline team to implement contract templates for Sales in mere hours compared to their previous solution that took weeks to implement changes.

A Modern CLM Solution with Stunning Results for Legal Teams

In today's remote world, a shared workspace for contract management that is simple, elegant, and lets anyone become an expert is a necessity, not a "nice to have". And for Ronak Ray, General Counsel of Pantheon, Malbek provided a platform where he could manage workflows and contract requirements and grow the business in a meaningful, measurable way.

Complex Contracting Simplified with Malbek

When Atheer, a pioneer in Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR), began looking for a CLM solution to manage the increasing complexity of their agreements, they knew they wantRed a vendor with a similar growth philosophy. Atheer saw Malbek Contrax™ as the ideal solution to their contracting challenges and as a well-suited partner for their rapidly growing enterprise software business.

The Cost of Forgetting Contract Milestones

nextSource, a managed services company, needed a searchable repository for their high volume of contracts that would also safeguard them from missing key milestones. They chose Malbek for its robust CLM functionality coupled with an easy user interface, deep domain expertise, and outstanding customer support.

How Contract Analytics Helped One Company Win Big

A 4th-generation, family-owned industrial gas company needed a better way to manage the product bundles and pricing tiers in their contracts. With Malbek’s out-of-the-box reporting and analytics they have protected 20% of potential revenue loss and accelerated contracting cycle times by more than 40%.

Solving a Global Contract Problem with Malbek

A global medical device developer needed a way to bring visibility and access to their contracts regardless of physical location. Their extensive vendor search led them to Malbek whose flexible platform, simple user interface, and low total cost of ownership was exactly what the company was looking for.

It's Not Me, It's You: A CLM Break-up Story

An industry-leading Saas company, specializing in surveys, research, and benchmarking, was unhappy with their existing contract management vendor, and after an extensive contract management system search, found their perfect match in Malbek.