Contract Management System Resource Library

Look no further! We’ve pulled together a variety of resources designed to help you be effective with your contract management system. Our eBooks and webinars provide educational content from thought leaders and industry experts. Let their insights guide you in your contract management journey.

eBooks And Guides

Building the Business Case for CLM

 If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been asked to put together a business case for why your company needs a CLM solution. That project may seem overwhelming and undefined. But we are here to help guide you through what is an essential and valuable exercise for you and your organization.


Has Your CLM Become Shelfware?

When software is old, clunky, and can’t address modern problems, we call it shelfware. Unfortunately, many CLM system are like that and consequently many “users” stop using it. If you’re living with CLM shelfware, you can probably relate to these top 7 complaints from real-world CLM shelfware clients. The good news is there are modern CLM solutions, like Malbek, that are a delight to use and put the power back into the hands of business users.


The Complete Unbiased Guide to the CLM Buying Journey

Selecting a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution can feel totally overwhelming. But don’t despair! Thanks to insights and tips from industry veterans with decades of experience in contract management, this guide will help you navigate your way through the CLM buying experience. This guide is broken down into the six major phases in the CLM buying experience from identifying that you may have a problem through research, RFP development, product demos, choosing an implementation partner, and getting the most out of your new solution.


The 10 Key Elements You Must Have In Your Contract Management System

Another top 10 list from a CLM vendor? We know you’ve read them before, but we’d wager ours is different than anything you’ve seen yet. Malbek loves to find new and creative ways to solve age old contracting problems. Give this eBook a read and see for yourself!


Why You Need a New CLM Solution Now

Existing, legacy contract management systems can be clunky and outdated. They may require lots of maintenance and overhead, which means users don’t get to enjoy the same attractive, intuitive experience at work that they do with their consumer products. Malbek, on the other hand, is different. From the beauty of its user experience to its full feature set, this ebook will walk you through the ways that Malbek makes it simple and easy to manage your contracts like you actually are in the 21st century.