Contract Management System Resource Library

Look no further! We’ve pulled together a variety of resources designed to help you be effective with your contract management system. Our eBooks and webinars provide educational content from thought leaders and industry experts. Let their insights guide you in your contract management journey.


The Level-Up Workbook for Legal Ops

Here is a workbook full of checklists, best practices, key considerations, and pro tips to help you level-up your Legal Ops Team.


4 ways Malbek Maximizes ROI

Malbek is today’s most modern, cutting-edge CLM solution with a proprietary AI core that empowers the enterprise to do more with less. But don’t take our word for it! Learn how our customers are using Malbek to save valuable time, reduce risk, and accelerate revenue.


The Cost of Bad Contract Management

You will probably be surprised by just how much poor contracting practices can erode your company's financial health. Here metrics from around the industry that identify three of the biggest risks of poor contract management, and what that means for your organization


Tasting Notes

Other CLMs can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Here's a few tasting notes on how Malbek compares to other CLMs in the industry


Building the Business Case Checklist

Here's a list of eight things you need to keep in mind when building out a business case for a new CLM solution.


The Evolution of Contracting

Let's be honest. Contracts can sometimes be a dry topic. OK, maybe a lot of the time, but at Malbek, we still like to have a laugh. So what's a contract management software provider to do?