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Look no further! We’ve pulled together a variety of resources designed to help you be effective with your contract management system. Our eBooks and webinars provide educational content from thought leaders and industry experts. Let their insights guide you in your contract management journey.


Demystifying the Fear of Change: A Case Study in Making the CLM Switch

Many organizations find themselves still on a first-generation contract management solution that fails to meet the needs of their evolving business. While the thought of switching to a new and modern CLM can be appealing, the agony of change may be overwhelming and paralyzing. When exactly is it time to take the plunge and embrace all that modern contract management has to offer? From self-service tools and a user-friendly UI to seamless integrations with other key business applications, Struan Erlenborn, Associate Director of Contract Management at ExecOnline, will share how his organization made the switch.

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Got a CLM Hangover? Find the Cure That Goes Beyond Just Technology

Legal operation professionals are suffering from a splitting contract management headache despite having more technology options than ever before. You may have identified that there is a contracting problem, but the reality is that technology alone is not the answer. The solution is a powerful combination of human insights, repeatable processes, and access to the contract data. This session is ideal for legal ops professionals who have identified that there is a problem but aren't sure what steps to take next. This webinar, featuring legal ops professionals from Square and SurveyMonkey will focus on which best practices can make legal ops even more impactful and whether you should live with or move on from a contract system that isn't working.

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Out with the Old, In with the New: Reimagining Contract Data at the Heart of the Enterprise

 Many organizations struggle with limited or outdated contracting solutions while trying to keep up with an ever-changing business environment. TIBCO Software, a global provider of data solutions, needed a change that could evolve with their growing and demanding business. Their goal was to bring contract data to life, to be able to analyze risk, identify favorable terms, and expedite contracting cycles. Even with employees working from home and spread across the globe, TIBCO was able to effectively and remotely deploy a new solution in record time. In this IACCM webinar, we explore why contract data sits at the hub of your business and how to harness its potential as well as how to recognize if you’ve outgrown your existing contract system

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CLM Webinar Part 6 - How to Get the Most out of Your CLM Solution

For the 6th and final installment in our CLM webinar series, we explore how to maximize your new investment in a CLM solution. Our panel of contract management experts provides insider tips on how to be an implementation success story. In this webinar we cover why you need to set reasonable, time-appropriate goals for implementation, the best ways to progress in contract maturity, and how to empower your team for the change that is about to occur.

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CLM Webinar Part 5 - Selecting Your CLM Solution and Implementation Partner

In part 5 of our CLM webinar series, we finally tackle the topic of selecting your CLM solution and implementation partner. Our panel of contract management veterans provides insider tips on things to look for and ask about as you move ahead with a decision. They cover issues, including why it’s so key to choose a solution that can grow with you, how to identify a vendor that is easy to partner with, and the best ways to uncover vendors who over promise and will probably under deliver.

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CLM Webinar Part 4 - How to Get the Most from a Contract Management System Demo

In part 4 of our CLM webinar series, we turn our attention to the demo process. Unfortunately, it can be far from straightforward. Our panel of contract management experts provides helpful insight and best practices to guide you in getting the most out of the contract management demos you see.

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CLM Webinar Part 3 - Avoiding RFP Pitfalls

For part 3 in our CLM series “Pulling Back the Curtain: Things You Ought to Know When Choosing a CLM Partner and a Solution” we turn our attention to the RFP process, which can be overwhelming and full of potential pitfalls. Our contract veterans tackle common misconceptions and provide insightful commentary on often overlooked aspects of contract management.

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CLM Webinar Part 2 - Finding the Right Contract Solution

If you have ever wondered where in the world to start when you know you need a better way to manage your contracts, then this webinar is for you. This second webinar in our “Pulling Back the Curtain” series on Contract Lifecycle Management builds on part one where we identified common contract management challenges. With the help of our panel of contract management veterans, we turn our attention to how to find a contract solution in the face of mounting contract challenges.

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