Malbek x Slack

With so many moving pieces throughout a contract lifecycle, it is important that all stakeholders have visibility, accessibility, and accountability throughout the process. Malbek and Slack work together to improve collaboration and productivity at each turn.

  • Real-time communication
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Improved collaboration

Key Benefits

Sales, legal, procurement and operations are all trying to improve communication when dealing with contracts and contractual obligations with your external parties. Malbek allows you and your organization to collaborate seamlessly on your contracting processes and share key updates in a timely manner.  When contracts are done in a silo, it doesn’t help the organization and creates gaps in communication. 



With Malbek + Slack integration, you can effectively share key updates and contract activity in real time with the intended recipients, thereby expediting your contracting cycle time.   You spend less time emailing updates to your cross-functional teams and more time on key contractual terms that matter most. Contracting process often creates a disconnect between departments, causing friction among groups.  By increasing real-time visibility and transparency into contract activity, it builds relationships across sales, finance, legal, IT, procurement and other departments when working on agreements with your external parties.


With Actions, you can interact with contract records and always be aware of the latest activity on a particular agreement -- directly from within Slack:

  • Search for contracts
  • Review and approve contracts
  • Reply to tagged comments
  • Check for contracts in your queue



With slash commands, you can easily and quickly search for contracts based on keyword, phrases and metadata, directly from within Slack.

  • Search: /s <keyword


With ability to monitor contracting activity from Slack, Malbek gives you the messaging tools and context you need to have timely and effective communication on contracting flows:

  • Review and reply to your tagged content with comments
  • Review contract activity stream



Say goodbye to the constant email and calls into the legal/contracts department to find out status on your agreement. You will receive relevant information in a timely manner.

  • Receive alerts when someone tags you for contract review
  • Get approval notifications
  • Monitor progress on your contract request


How Slack Integrates with Malbek


Approve Contracts with a Click

When contracts require your timely review and approval, you can quickly review contract terms or document and provide your approval using Slack.

Review Contract Activity

When you are working with dozens of contracts in process, be aware of all the activity in a glance. The activity stream in Slack can show you the latest updates happening across agreements that you have access to.


Get Malbek Notifications in Slack

Get notified when a contract requires action or you are tagged on a document to review terms. Easily review and reply to tagged content directly from Slack and get the contract moving faster!

Use Slash Commands to Search or Post Info from Slack

Need to search for an agreement? Use the slash command along with keyword or phrase, to search for contracts with matching terms or language – then easily open documents to review from the search results!


Review Contract Search Results

Review contract search results or click a button to see more matches and easily find that contract you are looking for.


Data Privacy

Customers understand that when using Malbek integration with Slack, it is up to the customer and licensed users to comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the Malbek Terms of Service

Please refer to the Slack Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.