The Business of Law: Contract Management Best Practices to Improve Business Outcomes

The Business of Law

Gone are the days in which the Legal department is known as “the department of no”. Today, lawyers are strategic business partners committed to improving efficiency, mitigating risk, and removing bottlenecks across the enterprise.

Colin Levy, Director of Legal and Evangelist at Malbek, is joined by Katie Lazares, Senior Legal Counsel at Boston Globe Media,  and Paul Branch, Chief Technology Officer at World Commerce & Contracting, to discuss the evolution of the Legal profession as well as the tools and processes needed to align contract management practices to business targets in today’s world.


Key Questions Explored:

  • How has the Legal profession evolved, and how do modern lawyers provide value to business initiatives?
  • What are the essential contract management best practices that apply to all organizations--regardless of industry?
  • How can a CLM help organizations measure metrics of success?

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