Contract Lifecycle Management Software for Sales

Contract management is for every area of the enterprise, not just legal. In particular, the sales team can really benefit. Whether it’s better visibility or Salesforce integration for contract management, a CLM solution can help sales close deals faster.


No doubt many of these issues have weighed your sales efforts down. And you know there has to be a more efficient way to get the deal done faster.

After all, your sales force is the lifeblood of your company. And the more contract management is slowed, the longer it is before revenue can be realized.

Malbek feels your pain. We’re so certain of our outstanding contract management solution that we use it to manage our own sales force. We “drink our own wine” as they say! Through a simple and intuitive interface, Malbek Contrax™ has solved the contracting conundrum faced by so many sales teams.

Benefits of Salesforce Contract Management


Clearly see where the deal is at every stage in the process


Easily collaborate with legal and know which attorney is on the contract


Ensure the right people approve the deal in a timely fashion


Know which terms and clauses you can use without getting into trouble


Get the deal done faster or, as we like to say, “Speed the Green!®”