Revolutionize procurement operations for strategic success.

Tedious tasks, such as sourcing, contract creation, and vendor management, can consume valuable time and resources, hampering strategic Procurement initiatives. From tracking key contract milestones to centralizing contract documentation, Malbek CLM provides timely insights that reduce contract leakage and maximize contract value.

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Procurement Use Cases

Procurement teams can handle their purchasing contracts with ease.

Purchasing Contracts

Gain control of your spending and establish agreements of goods or services. Track key details such as pricing, quantity, delivery schedules, quality standards, and payment terms and synchronize data between systems.

Procurement Use Case - Malbek CLM for Third-Party Paper

3rd Party Paper

Put the party back in third-party paper! Seamlessly intake third-party paper and review conditions that are preferred to minimize contract risk and delays.

Amendments to Procurement Contracts - Malbek CLM Use Case


Manage and track amendments with ease. Ensure that all changes are properly documented and incorporated into the original contract and associated metadata. View a visual tree of contract hierarchy for complete visibility.

Malbek CLM and Vendor Management for Procurement

Vendor Management

Discover and report on vendor contracts. Ensure a clear understanding between your organization and its vendors/suppliers.

Master Services Agreements (MSAs) - Malbek CLM Use Case


Drive efficiency through your Master Services Agreements. Control transactional processes like amendments, renewals, and negotiations to minimize risk.

Post-Signature Obligation Management for Procurement Teams Looking at CLM software


Improve the post-signature process to ensure obligations are tracked and data transfers seamlessly between systems. Leverage CLM integrations like SAP, Coupa, and Netsuite to take advantage of enterprise data.

Productivity at your fingertips.

Negotiate better deals.

Our clients have achieved remarkable results. Reducing cycle times by 70% or more and gaining complete visibility of their agreements, Malbek provides procurement teams with the tools to become strategic value creators. Negotiate better deals and advance your career in the process.

Deepen vendor and supplier relationships.

Procurement often wrestles with managing external party paper, non-preferred terms, poor contract visibility, and lack of automation. Take ownership of your vendor and supplier relationships to get better pricing, favorable contract terms, and enhanced collaboration. Armed with CLM, you can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, internal policies, and industry standards. 

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