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Malbek Marketplace

Integrate with your favorite business solutions.

Hard to track contract status between systems? Siloed data with no compliance guardrails? Integrate your CLM with popular business applications to provide a single source of truth for your teams.

Enhance processes and improve customer relationships

Integrate your contract management system with other business applications such as CRM and ERP to streamline your contract management processes. Data can be seamlessly shared between systems, eliminating manual data entry, improving customer relationships, and reducing errors.

Streamline spend and supplier management

By combining contract data with procurement and financial data, organizations can gain insights into supplier performance, pricing trends, and purchasing patterns. This information can be leveraged to negotiate better contracts, optimize spending, and drive cost savings.

Sign faster and simplify online storage

Maintain a single source of truth, streamline operations, and accelerate contract velocity for all teams involved. Integrate with industry-leading eSignature providers and execute faster.

Improve team collaboration

With so many moving pieces throughout a contract lifecycle, it is important that all stakeholders have visibility, accessibility, and accountability throughout the process. Malbek and Slack work together to improve collaboration and productivity at each turn. demands.

Reduce TCO, Improve Collaboration, and Bolster Adoption.

Malbek Marketplace by the numbers


Integrations on average, per customer


Administration by business admins – including integrations


Administration by business admins – including integrations


Of customers integrate with other enterprise applications


Measurable productivity gains across the lifecycle


Reduction in Legal touchpoints with CRM integration


See value in the first 3 months


See value in the first 3 months

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Innovative, global businesses trust Malbek


From creation and management to storage and milestones, streamline enterprise-wide contract lifecycle management, mitigate risk, and unite teams at scale.

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Access contract data with contextual insights and recommendations to improve overall business outcomes.