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Solutions for Legal Teams

Streamline contracting and safeguard your business.

Say goodbye to legal bottlenecks and unleash your team’s full potential. Supercharge your contracts with Malbek CLM to ensure regulatory compliance, maintain complete visibility, and proactively mitigate risk.

Strategic CLM solutions for Legal teams.

Legal Use Cases

Crush CLM complexity

Productivity at your fingertips.

Become a strategic value creator.

Our clients have achieved remarkable results, cutting the number of contracts requiring legal approval in half and witnessing cycle time reductions of 70% or more. With such a track record, it’s evident that our solution empowers legal teams to transition from a cost center to a strategic value creator.

Save time (and your sanity).

Let’s be honest here. Legal sometimes gets a bad rap. Sales may claim you’re the bottleneck slowing down deal cycles. The truth is that your department is overloaded with work and there is mounting pressure for contracting asks. Break free from these constraints and experience the unparalleled speed of Malbek. Decrease contract creation time from days to minutes and experience a remarkable 30% or more increase in contract efficiency within just a few weeks. Reclaim your time to focus on what truly matters!

Benefits of contract lifecycle management

Malbek CLM for Legal

Eliminate rogue contracting with automated intakes.

Clearly see where your negotiation is at, every stage in the process.

Clearly see where your negotiation is at, every stage in the process.

Make informed business decisions and minimize risk of litigation.

Do more with less – keep up with contract volume and eliminate Legal bottlenecks.

Elevate Legal’s role within your organization with actionable data.

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