Overhaul sales productivity and close deals faster.

Grappling with contract complexities that hinder your sales process? Unlock the potential of your sales team and streamline your deal management. From contract creation to negotiation and execution, our intuitive CLM platform ensures seamless collaboration, accelerates sales cycles, and maximizes deal success. With Malbek CLM, you can focus on what you do best—building valuable customer relationships and closing more deals. 

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Sales Use Cases

Sales Use Case for Reporting & Analytics - Malbek CLM for Sales

Reporting & Analytics

Get insight into contract trends, customer preferences, and market dynamics to create more informed sales strategies and identify opportunities for growth. 

Master Services Agreements (MSAs) - Malbek CLM Use Case for Sales


Drive efficiency through your Master Services Agreements. Control transactional processes like amendments, renewals, and negotiations to minimize risk. Never miss another renewal and engage the customers ahead of time!

Intakes & Requests - Malbek CLM Use Case for Sales

Intakes & Requests

Simplify contract requests with configurable intake forms. Leverage contract templates and language provided by Legal. Monitor the progress of your contract requests. Eliminate bottlenecks and communication breakdowns. 

CLM Use Case Malbek - NDAs


Protect sensitive business relationships. Efficiently review, negotiate, and approve NDAs, ensuring confidentiality while minimizing delays.

Malbek CLM and Vendor Management for Procurement

Vendor Management

Discover and report on vendor contracts. Ensure a clear understanding between your organization and its vendors/suppliers. Maintain a central repository for all your agreements.

Productivity at your fingertips.

Hit revenue targets with visibility and ease.

Latest Salesforce research suggests that reps spend less than 30% of their time actually selling. Being asked to adapt to close deals fast and fortify their company’s bottom line, you may even find yourself bogged down in administrative work that holds you back from the actual job of selling. Armed with CLM, you can ensure you get to signature quickly to hit your revenue targets with ease.

Close deals quicker and align with key stakeholders.

Our clients have achieved remarkable results. Reducing time to close by 50% or more and gaining complete visibility of their deals. Malbek provides sales teams with the tools they need to speed the green. Negotiate better deals and close them quickly. Integrate directly with Salesforce, Hubspot, or Dynamics to seamlessly request contracts from Legal and see where your agreement is at every step of the process. Easily create contracts with pre-approved language and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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