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Solution for Finance Teams

Expedite revenue recognition and eliminate bottlenecks.

Finance teams face a complex array of challenges when it comes to contracts. They carry the responsibility for financial profitability, on-time payments, and pricing changes. But managing all of this without contract management software to provide reminders and reports is nearly impossible.

Solutions to Strategic CLM Solutions for Finance Leaders

Finance Use Cases

Keep P&L in check

Productivity at your fingertips.

Hit revenue targets with ease.

Just because a contract is mutually agreed upon, doesn’t mean it is mutually beneficial. Missed contract commitments can incur financial penalties, and auto-renew clauses that go ignored can lock parties into unwanted agreements, impacting your bottom line. With effective contract software by your side, it’s possible for finance teams to properly structure contracts and safeguard profitability. Through automation, artificial intelligence, and reminders, stay on top of payments and price changes and reduces the worry of missing key financial terms.

Close deals quicker and align with other departments.

Our clients have achieved remarkable results. Reducing time to close by 50% or more and gaining complete visibility of their deals. Malbek provides your teams with the tools to become strategic value creators and eliminate potential revenue loss by at least 20%. Negotiate better deals and close them quickly. Integrate directly with an ERP like SAP, or a CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot, or Dynamics.

Benefits of contract lifecycle management

Malbek CLM for Finance

Ensure mutually beneficial contracts for better customer relationships.

Eliminate high-risk financial terms in contracts.

Eliminate high-risk financial terms in contracts.

Avoid penalties from missed financial milestones.

Empower your negotiations with favorable terms and cost reductions.

Elevate your teams and improve profit margins in the process.

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