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contract management software features
Ed Breault

Contract Management Software for Fast-Growing Businesses

What is Contract Management Software? Contract management software is a digital solution that helps organizations streamline and automate the entire contract lifecycle – from creation and negotiation to execution, monitoring, and renewal. The best contract management software for companies is a centralized repository to store and manage all contracts securely while providing tools for collaboration,

digital signature vs. electronic signature
Lizzy Painter

Electronic vs. Digital Signatures: Understanding the Difference

In today’s digital age, the ability to sign documents electronically has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. However, many people use the terms “electronic signature” and “digital signature” interchangeably, when in fact, they are distinct concepts with their unique characteristics and applications.  The rise of remote work and virtual transactions has been staggering

Contract Specialist Skills
Jonnie Castorino

Essential Contract Specialist Skills You Need to Know

Drafting secure contracts and protecting the interests of the company – that is the daily reality of a contract specialist. These skilled professionals are in high demand, acting as the bridge between legal jargon and clear business objectives. But what key contract specialist skills are companies looking for when considering this exciting career path? And

Contract Specialist
Jonnie Castorino

Contract Specialist – Definition, Duties, and Career Path

Managing contractual agreements is a critical function for organizations of all sizes. At the heart of this process are contract specialists – professionals who draft, negotiate, and monitor contracts between companies and external parties such as vendors, suppliers, and customers. There are over 50,868 contract specialists currently employed in the United States, reflecting the importance

Contract Repository Management - Streamline Contract Handling
Ed Breault

What is a Contract Repository? Centralized Contract Management Guide

Contracts form the backbone of all business relationships and obligations. Yet for many organizations, these critical documents lie scattered across file cabinets, local drives, email inboxes, and disconnected systems.  A shocking 10% of contracts go missing entirely, according to Faulkner Information Services. This disorganized state prevents companies from efficiently managing and retrieving contractual information when

ai contract review software
Lizzy Painter

AI Contract Review: How AI Speeds Up & Secures Your Deals

Companies are constantly navigating complex agreements, and even the slightest oversight can lead to costly consequences. This is where AI contract review emerges as a game-changing solution, revolutionizing the way organizations approach this critical process. With its ability to analyze contracts at lightning speed, AI contract review promises to streamline workflows and fortify legal safeguards. 

Lizzy Painter

Introducing Malbek AI Pro: Generative AI Technology Leveraging Ensemble LLM Approach

Cutting-edge Generative AI Technology Set to Reinvent the Clause Playbook and Transform Contracting Operations Worldwide Las Vegas, NV — May 6, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSIRE) — Malbek, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management (CLM), is proud to announce the launch of Malbek AI Pro, featuring advanced Generative AI technology. This groundbreaking solution is set to


Malbek Launches ‘Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) For Dummies’ Book

Published by Wiley, a must-read guide through the CLM landscape with ease and clarity. Princeton, N.J., April 18, 2024 (GLOBE Newswire) — Malbek, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions, is thrilled to announce the publication of the much-anticipated book, ‘Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) For Dummies.’ Co-authored by Matt Patel, COO and Cofounder

contract renewal reminder software
Lizzy Painter

Never Miss a Deadline Again: Top Contract Reminder Software Solutions

In the labyrinth of lengthy contracts lie hidden clauses, crucial dates camouflaged amidst block letters, and subtle regularities buried within pages. A seemingly insignificant date tucked away in small font on page 40 of a sprawling 100-page document may only reveal its importance in hindsight. Yet, even a single oversight of such significance can potentially