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One minute to configure, One click to agree

You can configure online agreements in minutes. Signers can agree to them in one click.

  • Quick go-live time with minimal training
  • Simplify drafting with easy-to-build boilerplates
  • Automate high-volume, low-complexity agreements

Build with confidence, Track with ease

Rest assured that you are always publishing enforceable agreements.

  • Create enforceable online agreements with built-in guardrails
  • Save time with out-of-the-box, industry-standard tools
  • Capture proof of acceptance in one location for all agreements

More collaboration,
Less risk

Minimizing risk across the enterprise just got easier.

  • Empower business users to build and send online agreements
  • Access a shared workspace and contract repository for all agreements
  • Enjoy one user experience for all teams

No magic wands.
Just more efficiency and collaboration.

The truth is, there’s no silver bullet that can replace the human effort and skill behind complex negotiation and analysis. We take a people-first approach to our AI technology with a focus on minimizing time-consuming, manual tasks that take away from the high-value objectives that have the greatest impact on your business.




Klix can be used as a stand-alone or in tandem with Malbek’s flagship CLM platform so users can enjoy an intuitive interface that provides a fast and familiar user experience for all. This unified product offering centralizes contract management with one login, one set of reports, and one repository.

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Benefits of Contract Management Software for Legal

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Easily collaborate with legal and know which attorney is on the contract