Supporting Pantheon's Hypergrowth Through a Comprehensive CLM Solution

A story of how Malbek made the difference for Pantheon's growing contract management needs

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Pantheon is a first-class, WebOps platform that empowers marketing and development teams to take control of their websites while giving them the agility to win in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Pantheon was experiencing hyper-growth and tasked Ronak Ray, General Counsel of Pantheon, to find a contract lifecycle management solution (CLM) that would allow their newly built Legal function to align with other business teams and overarching business goals. By leveraging Malbek's robust analytics, seamless integrations, and self-configurable solution, Pantheon was able to achieve stunning results for Legal that helped to grow the business in a meaningful, measurable way.

The Challenge

Pantheon was experiencing hyper-growth and needed a solution that would allow their newly built Legal function to keep pace with increasing contracting demands. Outdated shared folders, traditional email communications, and lack of a single contract repository were no longer working for them. Pantheon needed a platform that would revamp the way they as thought about contracts, transforming them from static documents to business assets that could guide future decisions.

Pantheon began by looking for a CLM that was simple, clean, and modern. They kew they needed a solution that empowered all users to become experts and delivered powerful insights in a way that anyone could understand. Pantheon was looking for a solution that would bring together Legal and business teams to help them work towards the same goals.

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The Solution

That’s where Malbek comes in. After Pantheon implemented Malbek as its first-ever comprehensive CLM solution, the Legal team took advantage of the following features to support its business needs:

Shared Workspace

With the rise of work from home, Malbek has enabled Legal and other teams to work together despite being remote. Malbek gave Pantheon a place where Legal, Sales, and others had visibility into their contracts. Using templates and workflows,
they were able to speed up deal cycle times and reduce friction.

Robust Integration

Integrating with key platforms like Salesforce, enabled Pantheon to connect key data sets across their entire ecosystem. The seamless data flow helped to reduce friction between teams and enabled Legal to have a greater understanding of its risk profile.

Powerful Contract Metrics

Malbek helped Pantheon’s Legal team develop a fine-tooth comb and access insights that drive growth. Able to confidently handle any contract volume and build value for the whole company, proving that Legal is a value creator, not a cost center.

Flexibility & Configuration

With Malbek, Pantheon’s Legal team is now empowered to call themselves themselves contract management experts. Malbek’s easy-to-use interface, and self-driven configuration means that Pantheon drives their own success and the solition can grow with them to meet their evolving contract needs of the organization.

The Results

Pantheon knew Malbek was critical to support their growth, and used the metrics and insights that they gained from Malbek’s solution to drive decision making. As a result, Legal proved themselves as a strategic business partner and saw positive results within the first quarter of adopting Malbek.

With the power of contract automation and the strong support of Malbek’s implementation team, Legal was able to achieve the speed, efficiency, and quality of legal review that it was looking for. This immediate return gave Legal the credibility they needed to prove to stakeholders they are a strategic business partner to business teams across Pantheon.


By leveraging contract automation and AI, Pantheon achieved 36% efficiency in the first quarter of implementation alone.

Legal has leveraged the metrics from Malbek's robust analytics and dashboards to drive growth across the organization and increase stakeholder buy-in.

A CLM solution is an enterprise tool, not just a legal one. It helps to paint the entire narrative by capturing data, highlighting what is relevant, and making it easily accessible. Now all stakeholders, even those outside of legal, can access these key metrics and use them to guide future growth. The company-wide adoption of Malbek ContraxTM helped key decision-makers understand what the market is doing, how the product is performing, and if there were any potential expansion points they could take advantage of.

"For us at Pantheon, efficiency is a central focus. Malbek let our Legal teams achieve turnaround times and be sure that the markups we were doing made sense to the business and did not repeat in a way that was inefficient. We achieved this extremely quickly, which is important for high growth companies."

- Ronak Ray

General Counsel at Pantheon

Legal can now supply competitive insights, the high points, and the low points from each one of our contracts in a single view: all things the rest of the organization didn’t know Legal could do. Now we process those insights into new initiatives and new priorities so we can keep up with where we want to take the company.” -Ronak Ray, General Councel at Pantheon

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