Contrax CLM

From creation and management to storage and milestones, streamline enterprise-wide contract lifecycle management, mitigate risk, and unite teams at scale with Malbek Contrax. 

Simplify contracting...
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Why Contrax?

Digital contracting reigns in your hands.

You control the process to ensure compliance and mitigate risk. We provide easy-to-use self-service tools that make it very simple for you to set the system up and use it the way you need.

Configure without IT involvement: No more three-hour IT calls and months of waiting. Our solution is ready for you to roll right out of the box with minimal configuration. Users tell us that 99% of the application is configurable without IT support.

Scale with ease: Agility is the ability to flex, pivot, and quickly grow to meet your needs. Our system can be easily configured on the fly to meet evolving needs. Plus, you'll automatically get access to our latest innovations and ongoing releases.

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Robust integrations unite your global teams.

Without a healthy data flow from one system to another, your business can't function efficiently. Even worse? The manual processing of information introduces errors and inefficiency. Mitigate risk and ensure a single source of truth with our library of no-code, drag-and-drop integrations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Initiate contracts from approved quotes in Salesforce, Hubspot, or Microsoft Dynamics and gain complete visibility into the status. Send deals out for redline, review, or signature without switching a tab.

Spend & Supplier Management: Sync Malbek with Coupa or Netsuite and to easily access vendor or supplier information. Improve obligation tracking and transfer data seamlessly!

Contract execution and eSiganture: Route contracts for electronic signature via DocuSign or Adobe Sign. We even provide document management integrations with solutions like Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint, and Google Drive. 

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Intuitive CLM experience you'll love.

Even though we live in a digital era, contract management has evolved a little more slowly. In your personal world, you probably enjoy a simple and delightful user experience with all your devices. Well, we believe that contract management should look and feel just like that. 

Faceted searches and reports: Search for data in your contracts as easily as doing a Google search or create a contract report as simply as filtering products on Amazon. 

Easily accessible with secure contract storage: Contrax is a delight for the customer to use with our modern interface, robust search capabilities, and our fewest clicks ideology. 

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Infused AI streamlines your process.

Get real-time access to your contract data with contextual insights and recommendations about how it can be used to improve business outcomes. Streamline negotiations and shorten review cycles.

Extract data from your contracts. Upload any stack of contracts and auto-magically extract key terms and clauses to make them searchable in the Malbek repository. 

Generative AI and ChatGPT (powered by OpenAI): Help your team comprehend the language used in contracts, make revisions, seamlessly accept or reject redlines, and make custom requests – all in plain English. 

Meet Bek: Interact with our advanced AI chatbot, Bek. Collaborate with Bek and communicate your objectives through voice commands or by typing. Get guided, click-free actions to efficiently achieve your goals.

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