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Malbek Streamlines TIBCO's Contract Creation for Sales Acceleration

TIBCO Software selected Malbek to streamline their contract creation for sales. TIBCO's previous contract management system was inflexible and making changes was costly. With Malbek, contract configuration is simple and flexible, empowering sales to create custom contracts without the need for legal assistance. Thanks to Malbek, now 70% of TIBCO's contracts don't need to run through legal, helping the business speed time to revenue.

Contract Management with Seamless Salesforce Integration

ExecOnline's Associate Director of Contract Management, Struan Erlenborn, wanted a Salesforce-oriented CLM solution that was easy for his Sales team to use. Malbek proved to be the perfect partner. Malbek's platform allowed the ExecOnline team to implement contract templates for Sales in mere hours compared to their previous solution that took weeks to implement changes.

A Modern CLM Solution with Stunning Results for Legal Teams

In today's remote world, a shared workspace for contract management that is simple, elegant, and lets anyone become an expert is a necessity, not a "nice to have". And for Ronak Ray, General Counsel of Pantheon, Malbek provided a platform where he could manage workflows and contract requirements and grow the business in a meaningful, measurable way.

AI and Contract Management

When we designed the Malbek platform, we designed with AI first, meaning every part of the platform that we built, we provided the right abstractions to be able to plug in the AI algorithm throughout the contract lifecycle. In this video we discuss exactly what that looks like and what it means for you and your contracts

Funniest Demo Stories

In this episode of the Malbek Happy Hour, Gary Zuder, VP of Sales at Malbek, shares his funniest demo story so far, and it's not what you might think.

What About All My Existing Contracts?

On today's episode of the Malbek Happy Hour, Co-founder Matt Patel addresses the elephant in the room. How do you get all your existing contracts into your new CLM solution? Don't worry! There is a way.

Can a CLM Really Make Your Employees Happier?

In this Malbek Happy Hour, we speak with Anne Moore, one of our Senior Solution Consultants, about how a CLM solution can help keep employees happy, engaged, and productive. Happy employees equal success for the business.

How Malbek Got Its Name

Today's Happy Hour topic is very appropriate to the name. We speak with Malbek CEO, Hemanth Puttaswamy, about how he and his co-founders came up with a name for a software company that sounds like a bottle of Argentinian wine!

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