Malbek Uncorked
Take a Self-Guided Tour of A Modern CLM Solution.

We’re letting the wine out of the bottle, so to speak, so you can experience the power of Malbek firsthand. The way we see it, we could tell you what makes our solution great…or we could show you. 

Find your contracts in a flash

Don't waste any more time searching for contracts! Take this tour to see how just how easy it is to find and view the status of your in-flight contracts. 


  • Configure your own personalized dashboard 
  • Search for contracts using our Google-like search and filtering capabilities 
  • Keep up with contract activity by viewing the audit trail 

Create a contract right from your CRM

Slow deals sink ships. Let Malbek throw you a contract lifeline by allowing you to create and manage a contract right within Salesforce. P.S: We also integrate with HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics, so we’ve got you covered. 


  • Keep tabs on all of your contracts right from within Salesforce 
  • Create a new contract from an opportunity in one click 
  • Access pre-approved contract templates for lightning-fast drafting 

Now that you’ve had a sip, let us pour you a glass

We hope these self-guided experiences got your wheels turning about what’s possible with a modern CLM solution. Ready to see more? 

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