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Anneliese Strout

Choose Your Own Path

Through my travels I have learned that there are many routes to take to one place. The route you take depends on so many factors.


Every destination has more than one road to it. And, depending on your goals and needs, the trip can be as complex or as simple as you need it to. 

As I help our customers implement their solutions



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The biggest takeaway from my travels is that every destination has more than one route to it.

The first time I set out in my van, I had one mission: To get to California to be there for the birth of my grandson. 

The way I felt about my first trip is a lot like how first time CLM users can feel. They dont need any bells and whistles. All they want is something that works.


They say that every road leads back to rome, so

The best peice of advice I have ever recieved is that every right answer has more than one way to  solution has multiple


For the last two years, I have spent a lot of time on the road. 

The most valuble thing that I have learned however is that, depending on the context, 


The Straightforward Route

When I first set out in my van, I had a very specific purpose: my daughter was having a baby and I HAD to be there. So, i jumped on route 10 and for six days I continued. No stops, no bells, no whistles. When you have a single goal, or are just starting out, feeling like this is common.

When I work with first time CLM users, I see this as well. Just getting started 

starting with something simple is easier for everyone involved. 

The thing is, when you do something for the first time, such as drive across the country, you will naturally want to take a simpler “point A to point B” approach. 


path. But after that initial  “what have I gotten myself into!?” feeling as passed, you’ll realized how much more you can add.

The Enriched Route

The second time I set out, I drove from CA to WI. Instead of the straight path, i chose to have a but of fun!

Jum on in to the AI functionalityyyy

go big cos you got big goals my dudes. You dont have to always grab the bull by the horns, lassos were invented for a reason. 


With Malbek, this remains true. The first time around, you might just want a simple repository. But as you cntinue along, your goals change and the methods of getting there can cahnge as well. Perhaps you want more insight, AI can help.