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Recognized by CIO Review


Jaime Slocum

December 12, 2018

To round out this incredible year, Malbek is honored to be selected by CIO Review as One of the Most Promising Enterprise Contract Management Solution Providers of 2018. But beyond the honor itself, we are delighted to widely share the message about the significant differentiators that sets Malbek Contrax™ apart from every other CLM solution in the space.

As our co-founder, Hemanth Puttaswamy, has boldly stated: “You deserve a contract management solution as simple and powerful as a Google or Apple application.” Until now, that has been a pipe dream. For those dealing with legacy contract management systems, they are typically clunky, unintuitive, and require significant resources to implement, customize and maintain. With Malbek, however, we put the business user in the driver’s seat. The interface is a delight to experience, native configurability makes it simple to setup contracting use cases, and to filter and find critical data, combined with powerful AI capabilities that bring the contracts to life. Now your contracts can be harnessed as pivotal tools for corporate profitability and strategic growth.

Sadly, we know that many of you struggle with outdated and clunky contract management systems, which require heavy IT intervention for every report you need. We know that often it's really hard to even find where your contracts are, wasting much of your valuable time. You may also lack visibility to know where a contract is at each step of its lifecycle, and even worse it's nearly impossible to identify the process bottlenecks that bring contract management to a halt sometimes. Have we got your attention? Read the full article here and prepare to be amazed by how different Malbek's solution is!

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