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Matt Patel

Common Contract Management Problems Solved in New Ways by Malbek

Some brands do an amazing job creating characters to tell their product story. These characters are well known in our homes. Think of Flo from Progressive, the duck from Aflac, or the Geico gecko. These characters immediately conjure a memory, often humorous, around the product being sold and the messaging sticks with us.

At Malbek we’ve known for a while that we wanted to do something similar, create a character or characters that could embody how Malbek is redefining the contract management space. And we knew that we wanted these characters to live through the magic of video. Video is a force to be reckoned with. Evidence shows that viewers retain 95% of the message in a video compared with only 10% from text. We wanted to harness that power.

By now you’ve probably figured out that we do things a little differently at Malbek. We didn’t want to create the standard “explainer video.” In fact, we didn’t really feel the need to explain anything about our product. Instead, we wanted to address head-on some of the obstacles that we hear from the field, the daily stressors that crop up when handling contracts without having a solution that alleviates them, and above all, we wanted to let our characters showcase how Malbek is different.

Meet Bob and Bek. While their names don’t appear in this video, we did name them while we created the story. Bob is a contract manager at a big box company. He deals with tons of contracts every day and he is frustrated. He’s a little stuck in the past (check out the accessories on his side of the office), but he knows there’s something better out there. He is a skeptic by nature which prompts him to ask lots of probing questions.

Bek got her name from Malbek (you guessed it!). She is tech-savvy but very focused on the customer experience. She knows how hard it can be to navigate a clunky, outdated contract management system, and she has lots of encouraging answers for Bob.

And, yes, we channeled “Mystery Science Theater” as inspiration behind the theater scenes where Bek gets to talk about the amazing features and benefits that can be enjoyed with Malbek Contrax. Sit back and enjoy the debut of Bob and Bek!