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Gary Zuder

Do You Have Any Customers Our Size or Industry?

We’re excited to introduce a brand new blog series called “You ask. We answer.” In this series we answer some of the most common questions we hear from people like you. So let’s get started!

Do you have any customers our size or in our industry? 

We get it. This is a very valid question. It translates to a technology partner’s “ability to execute” while walking in the customer’s shoes. You may be thinking has Malbek seen challenges like ours before? Have they worked with large teams across many departments? Or have they worked with a smaller org that doesn’t have a lot of resources or money to invest in a best-in-class solution? Do they understand how to implement successfully with 10, 100, or a thousand plus users? Do they have the security, infrastructure, and scalable architecture that will grow with us? Will they be able to deliver contracting best practices for the long-term success of my organization? Do they understand the unique needs of my industry?

The answer is yes. Malbek has an experienced team and has partnered with many clients of all sizes across a variety of industries, and we understand the importance of an implementation that can be rightsized for you and your organization.

If you represent a smaller company, you may be wondering if you can deploy an enterprise-class solution with a team of just a few individuals dedicated to the project. You need to do more with less, as many lean legal teams are tasked with keeping the lights on while continuing innovation. We’ve been there, and can walk you through the process.

Larger, enterprise organizations have multiple business units and cross-functional stakeholders with varying requirements that need to be considered. Your team may have an abundance of experience with legal operations, though you also may be wrestling with change management from a legacy and complex contracting system. The Malbek team has expertise in this area and can guide you through the proper execution strategy which considers project approach, key resources required, and enablement.

You’re also probably wondering about price, or put another way, the investment required to get up and running. We’re confident that when you compare our robust offering to the CLM industry and the value it can deliver, you’ll quickly see how affordable it can be. We’re flexible, and have models to support smaller, mid-sized, and large clients.

No matter the size of your organization, ultimately, Malbek understands there is a team of people behind the project – people that have a vision and internal goals that must be achieved. We’ll prove our ability to execute with integrity and commitment in a way that aligns not with us, but with you. During this journey, Malbek aims to be a partner you can count on, not just a software provider.