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Taeler Gannuscia

Envision 2021: 3 Takeaways From My Chat With Anna Lozynski

I was lucky enough to sit down for an open Q&A with author, change agent, and influencer, Anna Lozynski, at Malbek’s annual user conference, Envision 2021. With no question considered off-limits, our chat spanned many important topics including the evolving legal profession, the use of AI in contract management, and best practices for leading a successful CLM implementation. 

Here are three takeaways from our discussion. 



Although Anna has spent her career as a Legal professional, her creativity and willingness to problem-solve have made her a strategic business partner and valuable asset to any team. The way she sees it, the modern lawyer is multi-faceted and can easily alternate between managing urgent issues in the moment and stepping back to see the big picture. 

Her tips for lawyers trying to keep up with the times:


The audience was quick to point out that contract management isn’t always accomplished in harmony. As a lawyer, it’s not uncommon to go the rounds with the counterparty or tip-toe around points of friction with the sales team. When it comes to contract collaboration, Anna reminded us that we’re all in this together, and more often than not, we desire the same results.

Her advice for managing common contract conflicts:

#3 A CLM is a business tool, not a legal tool.

Anna is known for her book, “Legally Innovative” in which she shares her experiences and advice for being a technology trailblazer in the Legal field. As she has led many teams through successful CLM implementations, we asked her to share her key best practices for managing change and introducing new enterprise solutions.

Her ingredients for a successful CLM adoption:

For more tips and insights from Anna, listen to the full discussion here. And as Anna always says, be bold, curious, and disruptive today.

Contract on!