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Malbek Wins Best Managed Start-up of the Year


Becky Holloway

July 1, 2019


This year Malbek attended the 22nd annual Venture Conference hosted by NJ Tech Council. We were privileged to receive an award from a judging panel comprised of VCs and other business leaders recognizing Malbek as the most well-managed start-up company of the year. This award highlights our experienced leadership and clear vision driving scalable growth. The conference showcased the region’s most promising companies, offering insights from many of the nation’s top investors. More than 1,000 entrepreneurs, developers, and investors attended along with students and professional advisors from the region. It was our pleasure to be a part of this event and a true honor to be recognized for our achievements by this fine organization.

NJ Tech Council was founded in 1996 and is a private, nonprofit membership organization, which supports the technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the state and region. It is among the largest and most respected trade organizations of its kind nationwide. NJ Tech Council provides young entrepreneurs with opportunities for education and networking as well as access to financing resources that can propel them to further success. They are focused on cultivating the pipeline of tech and STEM talent vital to growth in this sector and recognize outstanding member companies and their leadership through awards and other accolades. In addition, they boast some of the most dynamic conferences in the region, including the Innovation Forecast and Venture Conference, which attracts hundreds of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors with great ideas and capital to invest. NJ Tech Council also advocates for New Jersey tech companies, monitoring federal and state policy that impacts the growth of technology in the region. 

Matt Patel NJ Tech Council

Matt Patel Speaking at NJ Tech Council

Matt Patel Malbek


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