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Allison Caggia

Malbek’s Transformative Impact on Recruitics: A Success Story

We were able to sit down with the Senior VP of Operations at Recruitics, Jeff Peduto, to talk about what Malbek’s CLM software has done for him, his department, and most importantly, for Recruitics as a whole. Here we talk about some of their pain points, how Malbek addressed them, and increased efficiencies across the board.

Exploring the challenges 

Jeff expressed that their major pain points have been the inability to create consistent versions of their templates, and not having the tools to store content or capture data elements so they can report on them. Malbek has addressed these issues making their business run more efficiently and successfully. 

Another major challenge discussed was that without being able to track the data elements on renewals, they were unable to stay on top of expiring contracts. With Malbek’s CLM, they are now able to know 90 days before an expiration date, when a customer would be up for renewal, and start to engage those customers and start those conversations. This was a huge advantage to implementing Malbek’s CLM. 

Transforming troubles into triumphs 

Malbek gives Recruitics the ability to capture data elements, swap content within a contract, and enhance the quality of their contracts. They now have one single place where all contracts are drafted, and this helps to minimize risk from a privacy perspective. 

When we asked Jeff to speak about the ROI aspect of implementing Malbek’s CLM, Jeff responded extremely positively, stating that “the money we spent on this system has come back tenfold”. He also told us that the biggest benefit has been our support staff. We respond quickly, typically within an hour of receiving a request. And Jeff finds the automated content to be so well structured that he can easily pinpoint his problems and usually fix them himself.  

Why Malbek stands out 


“The reason you want to choose Malbek is the people behind it. They take ownership in their customer relationships and make it easy to use their tool.” 

We just love hearing our customers are seeing the advantages of our software and their company is thriving because of it. 

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