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Gary Zuder

Meet Malbek – Gary Zuder, Director of Sales

We are excited to kick off a new blog series introducing you to some of the talent that make the Malbek team such a stellar group. We ask some serious and silly questions that will help you get to know us better.

This week meet Gary Zuder, our Director of Sales. As you will hear right from Gary himself, he has a passion for what some might consider to be a boring topic, contracts, and he isn’t afraid to tell you why. Plus, find out whether Gary would rather be invisible or fly!

Hi, this is Gary Zuder and I’m Director of Sales with Malbek, and today I’m going to kick off a short video series about our company and a little bit about our employees.

So the first question I get asked about all the time is: “Hey, you work for a start-up. Is it scary or exciting?” And I would say, well, neither! It’s fulfilling because I get to work with a small group of people, and we produce so much in a short amount of time at such a high level of quality that I consider myself extremely fortunate. And when you have a CEO that says, “We don’t fail, we learn. We don’t lose, we learn,” that definitely makes it more exciting than it does scary.

“Tell me about your industry – Contract Management. It seems kind of dry.” I don’t think so at all. The contract is what makes the world go around. It’s the heart of the business relationship, and anytime you have a chance to improve that process, I think you can transform an entire company, so it’s a super exciting space for me to be in personally.

So here’s a fun question mixed in. “Super power, would you like to be invisible or have the ability to fly?” I would say absolutely flying because being invisible is kind of creepy and, if I could fly, I would eliminate the need for airports altogether.

Personal question, “Talk about a time you failed at something and what you learned from it.” Well, I was training for my first half marathon. I thought it was all about the cardio, all about the running and training indoors, which I did for two months. And then I get out there in April in Ohio and it’s a snowstorm. The pavement was, yes, it was very hard and I ran on some uneven brick roads as well. When I finished, it felt like somebody took a sledge hammer to my knees! I learned prepare for the conditions. Also, if you’ve never done something before, ask somebody for help that’s done it before and don’t assume anything.

“What’s the best thing that you’ve heard from a customer lately?” That they value our partnership, and when you’re valued, both personally and professionally, you’re definitely doing the right things.

Thanks for watching and look out for more videos from Malbek. Check us out at and hopefully we’ll get to learn about you someday soon. Thanks a lot!